Its very interesting how most Ugandans are reacting to the abrupt fake replacements of the notorious killers of innocent Ugandans- Karekezi Kayihura, and the bed wetter-Henry Tumukunde. Its indeed stupid for Ugandans to think that, order and security will return to Uganda..
The two killers, Tumukunde and Karekezi, will continue to operate in the background, but with different titles.

Henry Tumukunde

What Ugandans ought to know…., Gen Elly Tumwine that has replaced bed wetter- Henry Tumukunde, is a thief that tried to steal Nommo Gallery, a National gallery for Uganda.
The One eyed thief, had fraudulent awarded himself the Nommo Gallery as his personal this day, the one eyed thief, hasn’t paid the rent arrears for over 20 years…
What we know, the one eyed Thief has also been using Nommo Gallery as a clearing house for Money laundering. Yes, Money laundering, and the Nommo Gallery has lost its autonomy and is now, being run from statehouse by Janet Kataha Museveni-they decide on who’s Art exhibition goes to the gallery, art funding and promotion, etc

We appeal to all Ugandans to take care and be vigilante, as insecurity will even get worse…. Dictator Yoweri Museveni’s super poodles, Brigadier Sabiiti Muzeei and the one eyed Thief- General Elly Tumwine will harshly terrorise Ugandans. they’ll make Kayihura, look like mother Teresa.
What led to the fake replacement of the Bed wetter-Henry Tumukunde, is more of domestic and nothing to do with national security.
We promise to bring you the photo-media documentary of the one eyed thief EllyTumwine, and extremist Sabiiti Muzeei in our future posts!