Today in Uganda,the signs are very visible for those with eyes to see the criminal regime of Dictator Yoweri museveni, in its last days. The backward regime, is limping and fighting for relevance and its survival. Its not a secret anymore, Criminal Yoweri Museveni is now behaving like a stray dog looking for a new master.

Yoweri Museveni

In the coming months, the criminal regime will go on a media offensive….you’ll see a lot of propaganda trash promoting Salim saleh, Muhozi Kainerugaba, and the inner circle parasites. They’ll feed Ugandans with stupid films, and stage managed heroic actions. More crooked foreigners will be hired to oil the propaganda machine. We shall also see Indians and Chinese flooding Uganda to grab opportunities from Ugandans in captivity.

Yoweri Museveni

What is very likely to happen in the coming weeks-the regime propagandist i.e. chimpreports, etc. Will publish good stories about mainstream opposition figures, as a bait to hoodwink Ugandans that, the regime has softened and is ready to work with them.

Fellow Compatriots, we have previously called on the opposition to clandestinely form a transition government, as in the coming months, the events in Uganda- will move very first, and the dictator’s fall might come earlier than expected. That’s why Ugandans have to be on standby, and be prepared for the wind of change, that will inevitably send the criminal regime packing.

Yoweri Museveni

This’s the time for security apparatuses in Uganda, to chose sides, either they’re with Ugandans and let a bloodless overthrow take place or they side with the dictator, and fall pathetically with him. As most of you are our brothers, sisters, neighbours, OBs, OGs. etc. We want you, to pursue your dreams of serving Ugandans under a government that will always take care of your welfare in a generous way, and not be used as Askaris for someone’s personal interests. Why should a Ugandan soldier drink only crude waragi and not beer…?? Why should a Ugandan Soldier be among the five badly paid military forces in the world…? Why should a Soldier be begging cigarettes and Crude waragi money from wanainchi, while a mere cadre that has been around for less than a year, can buy creates of Beer and roast chicken everyday?….The Military, Police, Prisons, etc. service Men and Women, we know the Kayasi killing you. Its time you joined the populace and saved Uganda from Dictator Yoweri Museveni, because his the real Aduyi of Uganda.

Viva Uganda! Viva Resistance!!

The Resistance Continues!!