The Management of Makerere University has ganged up with Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s thugs to brutalise the students.Its now official, the highest institution of higher learning in the land, Makerere University has been turned into a new killing field of Criminal Yoweri MUseveni and his parasitic wife, Janet Kataha. The students had all the right to stage a peaceful protest against a very expensive education system. Thus, Criminal Yoweri Museveni had no justification to murder and brutalise them.

The regime thugs for two nights raided student halls and brutalised students. Unable to escape, several students living with disabilities became victims of Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s brutality.

The University council’s pathetic reason of extorting the students a 15% extortion fee, is due to the poor Economical circumstances in the country. In reality, the students should not become victims of a thieving regime managed by 1% of the entire population. But all Ugandans should side with the students to fight the corrupt thieving regime.MAKERERE UNIVERSITY

We all know, the main reason why the dictator appointed his wife as the education minister, It wasn’t about the improvement of education standard and quality in Uganda. But to swindle grants awarded to Uganda Education by development partners. Its true, Janet Kataha Museveni is not qualified to even lead a secondary School, as she forged a diploma in Early Childhood Education to gain entrance to Makerere university on a Bachelor of Arts in Education degree- of which she never attended 70%  but would later on orders from above, be awarded the degree. That’s why the education system in Uganda is now substandard and falling behind in the region.

Just like most parasites of the regime that attended Makerere University, non of them paid a penny for their education, as the constitution guaranteed them the right to a free education. Today, its the same pigs that are at the forefront of monetising and selling the very education to Ugandan Students.

The Free Uganda Political Organisation, strongly condemns state terror on peaceful protesters at Makerere University. Its cowardly and is the action of Uganda pagans, that don’t wish Uganda youths a bright future, but death.

The regime should immediately stop brutalising Uganda students. 

We shall hold responsible all actors in the brutality of Uganda students, as there’s enough evidence for future prosecution. All Ugandans should be entitled to Free Education and security at their place of study.

Free Uganda