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    NRM MPsWhy NRM MPs have turned into fraudsters?

    Fellow Ugandans,
    We should all stop the blame games but rather blame ourselves entirely for handing our beloved Nation to the “wolves”. The belief that we vote leaders into power to change and better people’s lives is a mockery. Apparently, the biggest challenge emanates from the current leadership that is finitive of people with no ideas. Unfortunately like Professor Patrice Lumumba opines that “those with ideas have no power and those power have completely no ideas”. If all Ugandans were so much vigilant, we wouldn’t witness this manipulation by the “double faced leaders” in the Country that is bleeding in extreme and absolute poverty without fear and shame. Indeed, we are the co-authors of our own misfortunes since we vote the leaders that we deserve.

    Recently, Dictator Yoweri Museveni accused Parliament for appropriating 10b shillings amongst themselves in the fight against Covid-19. He was actually remorseful in the face of Ugandans on Cameras and stated that this was morally reprehensible but in the turn of events, he added 317 NRM MPs with an additional 40m shillings. This cash bonanza came barely a week after he uttered the statement. Hon. Ruth Nankabirwa is not ONLY the Government Chief Whip, but she is also the Chief briber and negotiator under whose office this money is channeled and paid. For some of you who might have forgotten when the Constitution was amended on 22nd December 2017, Hon. Nankabirwa paid approximately 100m to all 317 NRM MPs thanking them for voting Yes against the will of their electorate. Are you aware that all this is Taxpayers money? Have you all seen the state of Abim Hospital that has spent 8 months without running water and nearly a year without Electricity? The Hospital has few Staff with ill equipped facilities but voters shall continue to send similar representatives who will in the end share their taxes amongst themselves at NRM Secretariat. You might call them rants but this money comes from classified budget that is appropriated by Parliament.

    Dictator Yoweri Museveni once said that no matter whether the NRM MP doesn’t speak on the floor of Parliament for a whole term in Office, as long as he or she can raise up the hand to vote is far much better than Hon. Winnie Kiiza or Hon. Mathias Mpuuga. Majority of NRM MPs have turned into robots which are remotely controlled by State House and Ruth Nankabirwa. Which ever opinion that arise from their “King” is good enough however much it oppresses the Nation. I have done quite an extensive research and can assertively say that there is no anywhere in the World where bags of Tax Payers money is offered freely by the President to buy allegiance than in Uganda.

    However, I will not be shocked when majority of 317 MPs are voted back in 2021 because most of the voters especially in rural communities have already forgotten their role, manipulated and consequently turned into beggars. They are being rewarded with empty promises like Yellow T-shirts, food and Waragi to determine a choice of their destiny. Have you ever asked why Ruth Nankabirwa has been in Parliament for 25 years as a  for Kiboga? Is she the only woman with requirements? The answer is NO! I have seen Hon. James Kakooza, Hon. Abdul Kitatta for Bukoto West stay in Parliament all their life time not because they address National issues. That’s the quality of leaders that Museveni need to rule Uganda forever. We have become so docile and in the end been co-authors for our manipulation and mismanagement of our beloved Nation. Each of these MPs that voted for amending the Constitution shall receive 50m again for their campaigns as a reward for Obedience. So just imagine and think of farmer that will contest against these NRM leaders.

    The bottom line is that as long as our voters in rural areas determine the choice of Candidates we have, we shall never see Uganda we ought to dream about.

    For God and my Country!

    The writer is a Researcher and a Public Health Specialist

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