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    First they killed Acholi and you did not speak up because you were not a Munamawanga or Anyanya

    Then they destroyed health care and you did not speak up because you never get sick.

    They sold all the Parastatals and you did not speak up because your parents did not educate you with good salaries from being civil servants. After all they had land and cows to sell to send you to affordable good schools.

    They then diluted education and now sell university graduates as slaves.

    Then the land grabbing and taking away your cows.

    You did not speak up because your land was secure and no one could take away your cows as was done in Karamoja and Teso.

    Fast forward and they started to demolish schools but you did not speak out because you could still send your kids to King’s College or St. Mary’s Kisubi or Gayaza or Namilyango or Namagunga.

    In all this you had forgotten that killing the civil service would mean that only a minority would afford quality education.

    They soon sold your UCB and Cooperative Bank as well as Uganda Airlines but you did not speak up because you bank in Diamond Gold Trust or Greenland and soon those banks fell.

    You also thought that the fall of Uganda Airlines was a none issue since you could fly British Airways.

    Much later they came after mini skirts and undressed our mothers and sisters in public. You did not speak out because you hate mini skirts.

    The Public Order Management Bill (Pomb) was being passed but all you paid attention to were Mini skirts.

    Then they went after Gays and many of you celebrated and lost sight of the diversion and the POMB.

    Then Bundibugyo massacre with mass graves but you are not from Bundibugyo.

    They killed your Muslim Clerics but you are Christian so that was not your issue.

    They then gave free pigs in Busoga who harbour jiggers and you are not a Musoga. But apparently now jiggers are all over the place.

    They then slaughtered hundreds in Kasese and you were left in shock.

    Since the Kasese massacre, they have closed thousands of affordable schools.

    Then kicked street vendors off the streets, burned markets, evicted people from Owino.

    They also closed the Ivory Tower but you did not scream loud because you send your kids to Universities abroad.

    Land grabbing continues unabated.

    They gave contracts to Chinese and some raped your daughters to the point where World Bank had to suspend funding.

    Do not forget your Generals who keep dying, your magistrates and business people. Mind you even your diplomats die in bathrooms in airports or drop dead getting off the plane.

    You send people abroad for medical treatment and they still return in caskets in Belly Cargo.

    They stole your 2016 elections and you all went into Kamooli.

    If you are hungry, go eat cake.

    Dr. Kizza Besigye is the most arrested man ever and yet when FDC prayers were banned no cleric, pastor or priest put up a fight.

    When 67 bodies of young opposition kids washed up on Lake Victoria beaches, you went about your business.

    When 200+ UPDF were killed in Somalia you remained mute as only 9 bodies were flown home.

    So today you complain about your Sim Cards yet you did not talk before.

    Your information is going to be given to the Telecom companies but who even cares since you do not understand about computer privacy, identity theft or cyber attacks.

    You spoke out loudly when Dr. Stella Nyanzi talked about matako and tiny vagina. Did you have to wait till she got arrested? Word out of Uganda is that she was picked up in the night by UPDF but this is a story to be verified.

    Today your govt is in the news for giving sh.7B to tycoons. Why not Owino?

    Today govt is also in the news for the billions they will be spending on meals for parliament MPigs.

    You lost key investors and now complain about Chinese and Indians who peddle in the country. Not only that but your investors make better chapati than your now famous Rolex.

    Selective justice works that way. You are next.

    The killings in Masaka have all the signs of the preamble before Kasese. A man who loves his Kabaka very well is on record for lamenting about Mengo demolishing his Love Beach.

    Whenever you see injustice done to anyone, raise your voice. Scream so loud that the echo of your words can be heard from The Mountains of The Moon all the way to Mount Masaba. Any injustice you do not speak loudly about means you sanction the injustice and you are next.

    I am on record for speaking out about the Injustice in Uganda and I have it all documented on the Internet.

    Let me sign off you by wishing you Merry Xmas. Your phone sim card might be blocked by December!

    MARTHA LEAH Nangalama
    Moncton, Canada



    The multi Billion arcade building located on police land at Natete police station belongs to Kayihura.

     IGP Kayihura by use of Mafia methods demolished the former Natete police station which was located in a strategic business area Natete trading center , then Kayihura hijacked the land and on going is erection of his massive arcade building on which he is currently working with the minister of international affairs to strike a deal where now police will have to rent the first floor of Kayihura’s building.
    After demolishing and hijacking police land , Kayihura instructed policemen to construct ramshackled makeshifts made of iron sheets , polythene bags and wood to act as the new main Natete police station and baracks where policemen live , this has resulted in the first government police slum in Uganda’s history.
    Encircled is the decaying wooden police toilet just beside Kayihura’s massive shining arcade building.
    To raise funding to pump into his private empire of wealth like the construction of this multi billion building , kayihura designed a complex chain of mafia deals with in the lucrative police industry.
    According to former intelligencier Charles Rwomushana , the former Kiboko squad was invented by Kayihura for his lucrative purposes , it has now mutated into criminal gangs who work with police on secret money making missions like creating national insecurities like the on going cutting of people in masaka with pangas , armed robberies and drugs ,
    Out of a national cry to fight these insecurities , Kayihura has been summoned to statehouse and Parliament tabling police inflated budgets and the need to expand the police force which has left Kayihura smiling in billions and billions of more police funding from government.


    Andrew Kansiime Kananura alias Desh

    Andrew Kansiime Kananura alias Desh is one of Kampala’s socialites, whose life, deals and source of dime has remained a mystery. Though many people think, he is a security operative, he is just a pal to some members of the First Family. He is elusive but his name rings high in the minds of Kampala’s tycoons. Desh was in born in early 1970s in Nsambya to Stella Kagandi Kananura, a banker and Mzee Kananura, who was a top director in the now extinct Shell BB. His father died and his mother is currently in the UK where she has a church. He grew up in Kololo and his family home neighbours included Charles Otti of Covomo Buses, Oryem of Bee Line Buses, Late Col. Smith Apon Ochak, Otema Ali Madi and Wilson Ogwang (both deceased). Having grown up in such a neighbourhood of prominent people from Northern Uganda he was able to learn languages like Acholi, Langi and this has enabled a son of a Mukiga man to dominate business.

    He got the name ‘Desh’ from his pals who used to mock him about his light skinned colour, saying he is a crossbreed of the departed Asians from Bangladesh.
    His father died in 1992 and this gave him a challenge start working at an early stage in his life. After his ‘A’ Level he went to study in the UK, where he did a series of Kyeyo jobs. He studied during day and worked at night, so as to pay his bills. After his first degree at Barking University (Hearts) UK, he returned to Uganda and came to limelight when he tried motor sport. When he failed to pick in the sport he delved into car business. He came back with a sleek car from the UK and sold it to start business. He went back and brought another car which he sold to get capital. He later started getting money from city tycoons whom he would buy expensive rides from the UK where he had close pals. When the business worked out, he started importing posh cars most of which carried personalised number plates. Among his first swanky rides was a BMW 850i, which had customised number plates ‘4 Desh’.

    His name has since become synonymous with the swanky cars in the country. These cars earned him a lot of profits. He has so far sold posh cars to Moses Matsiko of Pinnaco Security Company; Andrew Mwenda of The Independent; Dr. Luu Achinese, proprietor of the LMZ toothpaste; Brig Henry Tumukunde, Tycoon Obadia, Barnabas Taremwa of Mayfair Casino, Tycoon Kitaka of Kitaka Construction Co. Ltd.

    Love Life
    Though he is a renowned city partier, Desh has so far sired four kids from two women. When he recently introduced his long time Rwandese girlfriend Sheila Talatibu, a mother of two his other lover Barbra, the mother of two who used to work at dfcu Corporate Bank along Acacia Road but now at UNDP left Desh’s home. Desh stays with Sheila in Naguru, Barbra stays in Mbuya. Barbra is the mother first born Agasha Kananura. He used to date a vulnerable gal from a powerful and influential family in the country. However the parents of the gal had an upper hand to choose the man to marry in their family and that’s how the car deal missed out.


    Thirty years ago, households were encouraged to be food secure in anticipation of unpredictable disasters that triggered famine. In our village, every household had at least a granary of millet, ground nuts, cow piece, dried potatoes and sorghum. Communities also dried eboo, akobokob and sometimes stored dried meat. Each household at least had hens, goats and of course a few cows. In addition, each household had at least one garden of cassava and potatoes. A household was not a household if it didn’t have enough food.

    Our people never wasted food. No! No one sold food reserves. During that time, it was a big embarrassment to move from village to village crying for food. Yes, one would get food but it was so demeaning. Everyone was proud to be able to feed his or her household. Hence the saying, ” Mam eong anyami orekon”

    These ‘things’ drastically changed. The cassava, ( commonly called ebwan aterak) our greatest fall back position during hard times got heavily infected with a cassava mosaic virus in 1990. We cried out. No one provided the lasting solution. We were provided with experimental cassava cuttings which lasted one year. Our local millet, maize and ground nut seeds generally failed. We were provided with treated seeds that failed to yield enough harvests. Then, the biting and monster poverty forced us to sell off the little harvests. Our households no longer had granaries.

    Then people who called themselves experts in poverty and famine confused us with things called entadikwa, wealth creation and rapid economic recovery. They encouraged us to plant mangoes and oranges. We were told through this approach called modernization of agriculture, we would become instant millionaires. We tried these things but failed. The mangoes are rotting in the gardens. The poverty experts became richer as the famine hovered over our heads like the famous dragon.

    Today, we have challenges feeding ourselves. The harvests are little. By luck, some of us eat once in a day. Other households survive for days on water. We are so embarrassed to admit our predicament. We can no longer store our food in anticipation of famine because there is nothing to store.vOver the last thirty years, we have to rely on external and humanitarian organizations to drop us a few kilos of posho to last a household for a week. We are so vulnerable that political actors are using our misery to gain political capital.

    In very low tunes, we whisper amongst ourselves because we don’t want to be misunderstood to be politically incorrect. Sometimes, we laugh at our misery and say, “ationor do.” We have been asking ourselves a few questions. Where will this vicious circle of famine lead us? Is it too late for us to revisit our old food security strategies? Are the poverty experts genuinely providing us with the correct advise?


    The famous presidential handshake was a bad deal from the word go. Now, its taking a new twist. Everyone involved in it is caught in a web. Let’s begin from the beginning. What will my sister do after the man who gave her a go ahead to deep her hand into the public fund says, it was a mistake? What about the Attorney General? Will our learned friend stand his ground and say, his advise to the regime leader was legally solid? Will he also be humiliated like his former colleague who advised that, the peoples president should have not been nominated in 2006 presidential elections because the regime had remanded him? What about the motor mouthed journalist? Does he still have any credibility to comment on public issues?

    When this dust settles, what recommendations will the Bugweri kid make? Will he have the balls…big balls to recommend beneficiaries of the presidential handshake, also called “Economic Heroes” to refund the money? Will he……will he pick a pen and say, the person who authorized payments and later admitted this was a mistake be impeached? Will Parliament has the balls to impeach the regime leader? Or the famous MPs Will block this report once its presented on the floor of parliament? What will happen to this report?

    As for us, the ordinary fellows, we shall continue to our taxes and watch this hakuna muchezo drama unfolding.


    Randomly thinking and typing about our customary land before I sleep tonight. Without malice and prejudice to any persons, parties, politics, profits, policies, projects, plans, etc.

    As a general practice, land in Acholi since time immemorial is largely customarily owned. The current Land Act introduced optional land registration into what’s called customary land certificate but so far not yet effectively implemented.

    For that reason it’s important to note that any individual(s) or institution(s) claiming recent private titled (registered) ownership, right or interest in land in Acholi region is most likely a proper prime suspect of land grabbing thereto.

    Suffice to add is the disturbing fact that the population in the region have just returned from encampment of what were called IDP camps. Meaning we’re fully doubtful over who dubiously planned, surveyed and planted mark-stones where, when and why while the land owners were confined.

    And straight to the point for that matter, by who, how, when, and why did an entity trading as “Uganda Livestock Industries Limited” get an exclusive private title of ownership to an estate in ‘fee simple’ in land in Acholi region?

    Who gave or sold the said gigantic chunk of land, (25,516:607 Hect) to them? Who witnessed or attested to the opening of the boundaries? Has their title been issued according to the law in the registration of Title Act and hence the alleged owners are entitled to quiet title?

    This land title in my nose is horribly super stinking and must have been definitely acquired in a fundamentally fraudulent means through upper high handedness. We need to ask questions about it legality without fear or favour.

    In conclusion therefore, I do suggest that in public and national interest, the purported land title obtained must be urgently be investigated by all the authorities, challenged in the competent court for immediate cancellation of the land title.


    But where did this episode of TVO UNMASKING stop? Nga this one had a EBUGUMU?

    The campaign had FDC or KB extremists, psychopathic and radical supporters to be expunged from Uganda’s political space in order to bring Uganda back to political and economic sanity.

    It had this air like Kampala’s celebrity Pastor was promising heaven to kiss the earth at Noon.

    Let me say one more time. Let’s calm down and get to work to build a country that respects the dignity of each of our citizens.

    First we must learn to respect the fact that every citizen matters. Secondly, that every citizen has the ability if nurtured to make their fair share contribution to the betterment of country. Thirdly, that we all have a shared destiny good or bad. Fourthly, we must value our lives and that of others. That is what civilization is all about. Valuing, preserving and protecting life.

    While I may not spend a lot of time arguing with people for the sake of being heard, I prefer being understood more. Since 2013, when this allegation was first made, I gave a benefit of doubt to those parading the allegations to demonstrate their methodology and process to the public of how they come to their conclusions. I am certain those who have been bank rolling these projects now realize how gullible they have been for a number of years now. You can’t investigate a “CONCLUSION” for years and you think you are serious. The conclusion comes after an investigation of a suspicion, theory or a hypothesis.

    Other than attempts to profile my person and publishing what could be private information there is no FACT in their story that validates their conclusions or opinions for that matter. They publish what is inside their gut and that is it. AND am standing TALL todate.

    Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. But no one is entitled to their own FACTS.

    I have of course combed through all the “FACTS” presented and held my head in shame.

    BTW, one of my Professions is Auditing information systems & you don’t make up conclusions without evidence. The evidence is as credible as the logical process of gathering it. Anyone else armed with the same data used by the initial “investigator” should be able to come up with the same conclusions with little or no variance.

    Conclusions premised on gut feeling, opinions, emotions or mood swings of the author, Google Searches over the Internet, gossip and rumor mills will often just fade away like nothing happened.

    The question that will remain is what the motivation of all the noise was all about?


    DISSECTING : The Nambooze — Seggona — Mpuga Police Shootings and Arrests On Orders Of the Mao–Mbidde Arm of M 7 govt.
    Is is part of a bigger Ploy to destroy the DP /Opposition predominancy in the Central Region??
    Like I once said, ” When u allow yourself to be used by M7, u loose all sense of decency, humanity and Modesty! ( oggwamu ensa, n’onaaba ensonyi! )” And u start acting shamelessly.
    This adage used to be Nobert Mao’s favorite ; ” The higher a monkey climbs the more the exposure of it’s nakedness.” So now we were being treated to optical nourishment of his shrunken balls (or whatever is left of them!) He and his patner in crime Mbidde are now playing enforcement to the infamous Kaihura Public Management Bill enacted to terrorise members of the opposition hence members of Parliament have to seek clearance from him to organize a rally in their consituencies!!
    Credit goes to TVO for being really spot -on in his updates about the Mao – Kaihura meet in Mbarara! One should not overlook Mao’s recent stingy swipe at the Kabaka, a move well orchestrated to savour relationship between Mengo and DP which has been a darling to the Kingdom all this while.
    — Courageous and out spoken MPs Nambooze and Kyanjo are todate tussling it out with fatal poison related ailments, administered to them by who?? I wish I knew!
    Now about pohoh friend. Mbidde. Also now reffered to as Ugandan Gorbachev. He is a man whose back – ground is not really known ( don’t be suprised if one of these days he claims to b M7’s son). Guy cruises swanky flashy cars, has no distinct job discription , claims to be a lawyer although his papers have always been held in high dispute but above he claims to be among the bourgeois in this city. He is known to have participated in the Hutu — Tusti war to liberate ” motherland “, a fact he rarely talks about.
    Out of the blue, he bounced on Democratic Party political scene when he joined Makerere Un. on a Mature Entry slot. Amidst accus of being a M7 spy he contested for the UYD /DP ticket,something most of us the youth leaders of the branch at the time, strongly opposed(whoever approved his candidature should also be investigated).Winning the Guild Presidency cataputed him into the hirachy of the party leadership and the rest is history. HOWEVER,
    Mbidde is known for his go-getter character, he doesn’t stop at anything to achieve his aim even if it means using underhand methods that include using the services of state mach


    Dr Andrew Kayiira

    Andrew Kayiira
    I have just had a conversation with my good friend and a very brave journalist Mr Richard Wanambwa who covered the Police Senior Police party at Naguru.
    Mr Wanambwa has permitted me to quote him to wit that Gen Kayihura alerted top Police management he was not going to stay with them for long for the available information is that the assault on security installations was is eminent.
    I agree with Gen Kale Kaihura on his threat assesment.
    Gen Kale belongs to the club of Maj Victor Bwana and Col Mishambi.
    These were serious people.
    Indeed the attack is possible and eminent.
    How did we get to this?
    Late this year I was invited by Gen Kayihura in his farm 45 kms north of Lyantonde and we discussed both the primary and secondary contradictions in the NRM system.
    I was happy he had extended an arm for dialogue.
    He even allowed me access to Police training wing at Kabalye and I witnessed his capacity building strategy.
    President Museveni came over and went through his usual narrative of Uganda’s bottlenecks.
    I still found their analysis of the situation flawed for their belief in reliance on use of brute force or threat of use of force.
    This is a secondary contradiction for force and democracies are never complimentary.
    Dialogue is a sina-quonon to the survival a democracy.
    And this is where the death of Dr Kayiira becomes critical.
    Dr Kayira was the leader of Uganda Freedom Movement.( UFM)
    UFM of Kayiira and FEDEMO of Capt Nkwanga joined NRA and made the capture of Kampala smooth.
    Capt Jack Sabiiti then of UFM and now FDC MP Rukiga had objected to the peace deal with Museveni’s NRA.
    Hon Jack Sabiiti opposed handing over UFM guns to Museveni.
    Dr Kayiira over ruled Capt Jack Sabiiti and ordered UFM to surrender all the guns.
    Dr Kayiira was appointed a cabinet minister.
    Hon Jack Sabiiti prepared to go back to the bush and he indeed went back to the bush only to surrender to Lt Col Kiiza Besigye.
    Dr Kayiira and FEDEMO had embraced dialogue with NRA and Museveni.
    Later president Museveni summoned Dr Kayiira, late Baraki Kiirya, Capt Jack Sabiiti, Poul Kagame now president of Rwanda etc and put it to Dr Kayiira that UFM hadn’t handed in all the guns and that Museveni’s informer insisted he knew where the UFM guns had been hidden.
    The meeting agreed that Musevei’s informer leads a joint team of Kayiira and Museveni to the said site and they dig out the guns.
    Im advised President Kagame led the joint team.
    The informer showed them the site, they dug in and there was no trace of any guns.
    The meeting reconvened for the report on the said excavation and Museveni rejected the report arguing the boy had been intimidated.
    Later Dr Kayiira was executed.
    Most FEDEMO and UFM operatives were eliminated in the North and Eastern Uganda.
    I put it to Gen Kayiihura in our dialogue at his farm, that it was this failed experiment at genuine dialogue and reconciliation that was going to plunge Uganda into another round of a vicious war.
    I put it to Gen Kayiihura and would still put before any other individual in NRM that NRM and NRA lack a superior qualitative method to resolve complex contradictions qualitatively.
    The only available method is dismissals, isolation, blackmail, katebe, subjugation etc.
    All these emit negative energy.
    NRM/A is alien to genuine dialogue and reconciliation.
    You hear of nugatory statements like “ take him to Mzee/ Museveni for rehabilitation”.
    If you have a different view then you are indisplined, lacking in political clarity, poor/broke and desirous of a job and therefore for curtailment through operative combination.
    I put it to Gen Kale Kayihura that moderate elements in the various insurgency groups, the LRA, ADF, UPA, UPDA, Rescue Front, West Nile Bank Front etc were allowed to surrender with amnesty and most of them were later killed and or jailed under other flesh charges.
    Those who were deployed in security were later killed in mysterious circumstances.
    Atleast they were never accorded quality security.
    Some Sheiks who had embraced dialogue were recently executed.
    And this is a big problem.
    Those who stayed in the bush/ who had misgivings on the Museveni mode of dialogue are wholly radicals and have had a stint on and analyzed the obvious outcomes of Museveni dialogue.
    Ofcourse it’s getting late to construct a superior and qualitative superstructure to deliver a qualitative conversation that would resolve the apparent contradictions qualitatively.
    In case war breaks out, we will then have a double complex task of managing this armed conflict commanded by radicals on the one hand and the NRA/ UPDF who are only exposed to fighting the weak with a deceptive offer of dialogue and reconciliation.
    Amama Mbabazi and Gen Tinyefuza who are the architects of this mode of the deceptive dialogue and reconciliation are now its victims. They took part in most critical decisions relating to some killings. I suggest we require them to tell the country the truth, and honest truth. This could be a firm foundation for future National healing and reconciliation.



    I am made to understand RUBATASIRWA KAYIBANDA MUSEVENI is trying to destroy his student records at Makerere University, which he attended to study Law. He was discontinued after the 1st year because of lack of academic ability to complete a very difficult course.
    He thereafter transferred to DAR ES SALAAM UNIVERSITY, again to study Law, courtesy of the generosity of the Upc government, where again he was discontinued after the 1st year for the similar reason of lack of intellectual ability.
    RUBATASIRWA made his third change of course, to Social Sciences, where he graduated with a PASS Degree, the equivalent of a certificate of attendance which many people are awarded after attending a 2 week residential course.
    RUBATASIRWA does not want this obvious history of academic failure to be confirmed in the same way that Bobi Wine’s lies and braggadocio have been exposed.

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