In a broken Uganda, one has to be creative to get to where they want to go. Its up to us to design that path that will lead Ugandans to a better environment were they can all live with dignity and pride.
Wisdom shows that, If you want to progress in life,you have to embrace change. Yes, change is very stubborn, it’ll always find its way around you.
Why would you entrust your future with a regime that has robed away your dignity, because you don’t want change??

Its time we sent the NRM criminal outfit and its parasitic leadership packing, as they have failed Uganda big time.

Our simple advice to Activists of change…when NRM parasites and their franchises question you where your program is…just ask them where their program has been for the last 35 years??
Commonsense tells us that, the first post-Dictator Yoweri Museveni program will be to serve all Ugandans and not a clique of people.

Its also very important for Activists of Change, to ignore videos/posts made by counter revolutionaries and economic migrants based in diaspora and Uganda, as they have no impact on the ground.
Those videos are only watched by the same circle of people that is less than 100 thousand Ugandans. Yes, you can still watch them to have a laugh and also get an insight of what the enemy thinks about you.
However. don’t let them give you sleepless nights, etc. because the Revolution genie is already out of the bottle, and no one can ever put it back.

Free Uganda