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    Janet Kataha Museveni

    • Janet Kataha Museveni, Kutesa and Rwabogo influenced the removal of hawkers from city streets pushing for the procurement of USAFI market from which they stole ugx 30billions.
    • Kutesa, Rwabogo, Tumwebaze and Janet used their bank DFCU to forcefully take all properties mortgaged in Crane bank and housing finance Bank among which some had to be killed.
    • Sam Kutesa and Janet Kataha process all gov’t contracts with a 20% commission levied per contract.
    • Kutesa uses non existing companies to take up gov’t contracts.
    • Most Bans and restrictions are enforced for monopoly and force out other traders.
    • Kutesa and Janet take 80% of all gov’t compensations.
    • Janet, Kutesa and Rwabogo are the mother, father and child of corruption in Uganda respectively.

     TO:                 H.E PRESIDENT

    FROM:          SPECIAL OPS – BASE


    DATTE:        JUNE 7, 2018


    Your Excellency, outside your knowledge is an enormous political enterprise run by the members of the first family which might later turn out to back-stab the regime. This has greatly accelerated corruption and mainstream media is silent or restricted not to write about it but social media is frequently publishing such scandals.

    Major events and players include;


    The KCCA enacted laws under the influence of Sam Kutesa, Odrek Rwabogo and Maama Janet. The two law in focus were..

    1. Removal of Hawkers, and
    2. Demolition of building with expired or unapproved plans and those built in road reserves.


    The intension was to target Ugx38bn to procure Usafi land which was on sale at Ugx8bn. They wanted to propel the government to release the money to relocate the walkers in the target land. Minister Frank Tumwebaze indeed procured the land at Ugx8bn but government released Ugx38bn and additional Ugx6bn to construct the wooden structure that still stands.


    Kutesa, Rwabogo, Tumwebaze and Maama Janet the largest shareholders in DFCU bank targeted to buy city malls cheaply as well, destabilize the mortgage department of Crane bank which had the highest number of mortgage clients.  A number of buildings in Kansanga, Yusufu Lule road, Buganda road, Mengo, Rubaga, Arua park, makerere, Wandegeya, Kibuye, Nateete,  and Ndeeba were targeted. Proprietors affected included; Tom Mugenga, Deo Mugerwa, Ahmed Makaanga, Kiberu Ibrahim, Kasaato Faisal, Kasekeende Yusuf,  Atenyi Esther, Mutesasira Mike, Muwonge Charlse, Rwaboba Goldino, Ssendi Jeffery, Kabega Abudul, Nkuutu Sadat, Mukwaya Charles, Bemba Martin, Kiriggwajjo Michael, Kizza Moses, Kwezi Johnson and Golola Brain.

    All the mentioned had mortgage loans in Crane Bank, Housing Finance Bank and DFCU. The buildings were sold cheaply in order to settle the mortgages.


    Most government contracts are processed by Sam Kutesa and Maama Janet. No contract materializes until a commission of at least 20% of the total contract is levied on the contractor. Incidences where some contractors abandon the contract due to integrity breach, Kutesa and others forge non existing companies to take up the contract. Such events include;

    1. National ID project
    2. Katosi road project
    3. Isimba Dam Project
    4. Karuma Dam Project
    5. Masaka road project
    6. Urban roads repair projects
    7. Rural Electrification project
    8. Entebbe Express High way
    9. SGR project


    1. Ban on importation of used electronics
    2. Ban on importation of used cars older than 10years
    3. Ban on importation of specific cigarettes brands
    4. Ban on importation of sugar
    5. Ban on the exportation of scrap
    6. Ban on omnibus taxi operations for Pioneer buses

    While some bans are proven to be for the benefit of the country, all bans are crafted to fuel monopoly and some other bans target individuals to quench away their wealth.


    ZENCH XIN Electronics in Namanve belongs to Sam Kutesa and Odrek Rwabogo with limited shares from Chinese Counterparts. They assemble electronics of all sorts but brand themselves as manufacturers. They have colonized the market for fridges, sound systems and all sorts of domestic electronics.


    Kutesa, Rwabogo, Tumwebaze, Maama Janet and Nzeire own most of the car outlets including Toyota Uganda, Autocare, Victoria Motors, Tata Motors and Nis Uganda. The market for brand new vehicles remains mainly for the government, NGOs and some large corporations.  Majority of companies and middle class prefer to go to smaller dealers for reconditioned vehicles whose sales beat these large dealers in 20folds.

    The intension of this ban is not to save the environment but to kick small dealers out of business and raise the average price of the vehicles on the national market.


    The primary intention was always monopoly. Super match was replaced by safari.


    All for monopoly, Rwabogo, Muhwezi, Kahinda and Elly Tumwine import and re-export sugar.


    Kutesa, Salim Saleh and others started steel mills anticipating to get free scrap from the old railway lines. Unfortunately, it has not been awarded. So to keep their mills running at maximum profit, they monopolized the scrap market.


    Kutesa wanted to monopolise public transport services. He therefore funded demonstrations among taxi operators thereby bring to an end, the UTODA organisation.


    This is where most of unprecedented wealth is accumulated from. Kutesa peddles all cases where government is taken to court. The government loses with heavy compensation fines where Kutesa and others take off 80% of the compensation. Such cases included;

    1. City abattoir by Basajjabalaba
    2. Balikuddembe Market by Basajjabalaba
    3. Nakasero market by Basajjabalaba
    4. 23 land cases along Masaka road expansion
    5. 44 land cases along Entebbe Express highway
    6. 11 land cases in Kyankwanzi
    7. 163 cases on property rental arrears and delayed payments.

    Note that the compensations since 2012 to June 2018 stand at US$489m


    From the testimonies recorded from twenty-five [25] of the major traders in Kampala, tax wars is the most demeaning experience they get daily and in the night as nightmares. You never know what to expect. While Kutesa, Tumwebaze, Rwabogo, Kabushenga, Bahati, Azuba, Akol, Kamukama and Kagina import tones of merchandise, they pay no taxes at all but double-tax businessmen dealing in similar products. The team has attached 127 such complaints in letters through KACITA, Ministry of Trade and Uganda Chamber of Commerce.


    1. Kutesa, Odrek and the First Lady control the corruption hive. They protect it, feed it and nurse it. Corruption is them and they are corruption. No project goes through except through them
    2. Their activities can be hidden the more. Each and every day, they continue to incite the public against Your Excellency.
    3. From a saying that no king reigns innocently, all karma from their deeds is on you Your Excellency.


    1. Digging out their network using the anti-Mbabazi strategy is an option to consider to destroy the corruption hive
    2. Preaching to the public that corruption is an individual habit not a problem of government or ruling party or the president
    3. Your Excellency, you need to condemn and distance yourself from acts of the conspirators.


    Once this problem and vice is not addressed; a civil disorder might involve arson of state and private property targeting whoever worked in government with a belief that everything is built out of stolen public money.


    Direct from Museveni’s HH-Device.

    what M7 sees, we see and so are you.

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