As Africans continue to make endless dangerous journeys to Europe and the North America- escaping bad regimes and social inequalities, their new host are not that very welcoming. The human misery we continue to see on our TV sets is mostly caused by brutal regimes such as the one in Uganda,etc. The rule of Law and rights of individuals has become a thing of the past because most of the oppressive regimes continue to be supported by their former colonial powers such as Britain.

Oppressive regime

We continue to see, staged managed democracy run by the same oppressors in the form of presidential and parliamentary democracy. The essence of democracy has been turned into a circus between a dysfunctional political class and the dictatorship. The use of white collar criminals to mislead the international community in the form of lobbyists, has become another lifeline that most brutal regimes have mastered diligently. Of course, this world is full of crooked people that are prepared to sleep with war criminals and thieves in the same bed.

Oppressive regime

The brutal mode of governance in Uganda today, has also produced a half-baked political opposition that is both socially and politically bankrupt. Its all about self seekers and parasites dominating the political landscape. The political struggle in Uganda, has been turned into a personality rug-tug match between the same people-Uganda has lost the characteristic of a national social and political  struggle. In fact, politics in Uganda suck big time, as both the opposition and the dictatorship share one thing in common, that of not letting new leadership take-over.

In Part 2 I will Look at how Uganda was lost to Dogs of War

Joram Jojo