The Project to dismantle Uganda People Power, has united Criminal Yoweri Museveni, and the self-styled life opposition leader , Kizza Besigye. Thus, the leaderless People power Vanguard, has left the two men very confused.

We’re told that, in mainstream politics, they’re no permanent enemies. Yes its very true, both Kizza Besigye and Criminal Yoweri Museveni, are the same Fake coin,  but on different sides. Thus, they’re both dictators, wearing different attire.

Uganda People Power

The failure for Kizza Besigye’s Forum for Democratic Change, to build a stronger grassroots constituency, is not accidental, but a well designed plan, to benefit both NRA buddies. Many Ugandans have never understood, why Kizza Besigye’s FDC concentrates only in Urban areas, and  less at the grassroots level. Its got nothing to do with lack of funding, as the funding is available. But to neutralise upcoming dynamic leaders in Urban areas, mostly from Buganda , Busoga, Bugisu and Kasese regions. As they’re the biggest threat, to the NRM criminal outfit. Thus, pile them into FDC where they can easily be monitored…..

The first task for Kizza Besigye, was to isolate or make it difficult for progressive people, to operate within FDC. The other task, was to create a parallel structure, that’s only answerable to Katonga Road, near the NRM secretariat. The Katonga Road clique, is well funded, and only answerable to Kizza Besigye. This type of parallel structure formation, is a typical modus operandi of NRA.

Yes, we do understand the fanatic blind love for Kizza Besigye by some Ugandans, and we don’t blame them. As they’re victims of a well planned game, to fool Ugandans.  We also know of many FDC supporters that are very loyal to their Party. However, politics is a dirty game, and there’s a saying in  Kizza Besigye’s language that: “Buuli Mwana nna Nyina” Every child with their Mama!

The recent changes in FDC (Winfred Kiiza and Abdu Katuntu) was a plan by both NRA Buddies, and was well timed before the Arua Municipality parliamentary elections. Because, both Winnie Kizza and Abdu Katuntu carried patriotic tendencies in the interest of all Ugandans and were pro People Power! The best way to humiliate, them. Was to use the media to announce their replacement. If many of you remember, their replacement was leaked a week earlier, by Criminal Yoweri Museveni’s Propaganda tabloid, Chimp reports.

The bringing on board, of Mubarak Munyagwa, a fluent speaker of Runyankore, though a Muganda, and leaving Ibrahim Ssemujju Nganda in place. Was to deter them from joining People Power, and also, to please the Muslim community. However, they’ll continue to be clandestinely monitored by the NRM criminal outfit.

We can’t tell the future of FDC. But we’re very sure, the party will continue to be the property of Kizza Besigye. Yes, we might see him being flogged by Police, etc, but not seriously harmed.

As long as Kizza Besigye is still alive, he will always be the final flag bearer of FDC for ever.

Joram Jojo