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    The United States Ambassador to Uganda, Deborah Malac ‏has Friday expressed alarm at the theft of funds and medicine under the Global Fund programme, remarks that point to a possible future punitive action by the donor.

    The Global Fund was previously suspended over corruption and misuse by Health Ministry officials.

    In a brief statement, the new U.S. envoy said the latest Global Fund report on Uganda “demands the immediate attention of anyone concerned with country’s health and prosperity.”

    She said the Global Fund audit of Uganda notes ineffective supply chain, theft of medicine, and failure to spend millions of dollars in assistance on drugs.

    Malac said she was “truly dismayed to read the shocking details of Global Fund audit of Uganda’s health management systems.”

    In an audit of Global Fund grants in Uganda, the Office of the Inspector General (OIG) found the following problems: pervasive stock-outs of key medicines, unexplained stock differences, funds that could not be accounted for, lapses in services provided to patients and poor grant oversight by the Ministry of Health.

    The case has been referred to the OIG’s Investigations Unit for further review and the Global Fund is putting in place a number of corrective measures.

    The Global Fund has disbursed US$623 million to the Republic of Uganda since 2002.

    Officials say the country has made significant headway in the treatment of the three diseases, for example: new HIV infections have decreased from 140,000 in 2010 to less than 100,000 in 2014, the number of people receiving anti-retroviral treatment for HIV has gone up from 21 percent in 2010 to 50 percent in 2014; and malaria prevalence in young children has decreased from 42 percent in 2009 to 19 percent in 2015.

    The OIG auditors identified stock-outs of key medicines; particularly those to treat HIV, in 70 percent of 50 health facilities visited which could result in treatment disruption for patients.

    Furthermore, 54 percent of the health facilities visited had accumulated expired medicines. 68 percent of facilities reported stock-outs of anti-malaria medicines and test kits and 64 percent of the facilities reported stock-outs of tuberculosis medicines of between one week and three months.

    Supply chain

    The OIG concluded that the supply chain system does not “effectively distribute and account for medicines financed by the Global Fund.”

    There were reported cases of theft, including 40 cartons of artemisinin-based combination therapies; an unexplained difference of US$21.4 million between recorded and actual stocks at the central warehouse; and a difference of US$1.9 million between commodities received and actually dispensed to patients from January 2014 to June 2015 in eight high-volume facilities visited by the auditors.

    The OIG also noted problems around the data which are essential to ensure quality of services and to inform decisions to fight the three diseases.

    For example, 30 percent of facilities visited had either under or over-reported results related to malaria; 43 percent of patients were treated for malaria without a confirmed diagnosis and/or with negative results.

    Twelve per cent out of the 50 facilities visited were testing for HIV using expired test kits and, contrary to national guidelines, 14 percent of facilities visited did not perform confirmatory tests on clients diagnosed as HIV positive. This increases the risk of patients getting false HIV results.

    Uganda has aligned its anti-retroviral therapy policies to the latest guidelines from the World Health Organization and UNAIDS. This has not only increased the number of people qualifying for HIV treatment (estimated to be 260,000 in 2016) but has also resulted in a funding gap of US$92 million for HIV and 9 million for tuberculosis. If unaddressed, this funding gap will result in treatment disruption in the future.

    Despite this under-funding, the authorities also have difficulties in using the money that they receive.

    The OIG noted that only 46 percent of funds disbursed to the Ministry of Finance between January 2013 and June 2015 had been spent at the time of the audit. This low absorption rate is attributed to protracted procurement and recruitment processes.

    The Ministry of Finance is a pass-through Principal Recipient and has delegated most of its role to the Ministry of Health. The OIG noted lapses in Principal Recipient oversight and inadequate financial management by the Ministry of Health.

    Financial transactions are recorded using basic software which is prone to human error and not secure. The current financial management system has also been unable to effectively support processes such as budget monitoring, advance management and tracking of value-added taxes paid with grant funds.

    The Global Fund is working with the Ministry of Health to address the implementation problems identified by the OIG as well as seeking to recover any lost assets.


    Modern day church, we go with time bearing in mind that God does not look at your physical outlook but He is interested in our hearts!





    On Friday, 31st March, Hon. Betty Nambooze had her meeting at Sharing Hall failed simply because of misunderstandings within the Democratic Party. The question is: Was Nambooze’s meeting necessary in the 1st place given the circumstances where Uganda’s main problem is management at State House? Whatever has gone wrong and continues to go wrong is basically due to the management of State affairs. It is true that some Members of Parliament, because they have resources due to them by virtue of being MPs, this drives them into micro schemes which may benefit them but not the nation at large, hence ignoring the bigger picture of unity of the opposition.

    It is simple logic that the opposition needs one front to confront the 2021 Presidential elections. Why is it that this simple logic defeats the understanding of many of the opposition leaders in Uganda? The answer is that they are selfish. In the circumstances, did Hon. Nambooze need to convene the Buganda conference? If the conference sees her potential, will that be the starting phase in eventual preparations for Nambooze to contest for DP Presidency? What next if she were elected President General? Can Ugandans as of now endorse Nambooze for President of Uganda?

    I wish to advise the opposition to come up with one front. I have heard Dr. Besigye’s wish to move to various parts of Uganda educating the locals about land issues. The question that comes to my mind is: Since when did Besigye become an authority in land matters? Secondly, Besigye should stop making missions as an entity. He stood on the ticket of FDC. It is the party that should sponsor these missions assuming they are relevant. And as the matters are, instead of each of the opposition political parties doing their own thing, what makes sense is a common front that can pave way for unity in having one person being seconded for President
    The truth is that as of now, these parties continue to convince Ugandans that each of them is capable of making it for President, yet this is hot air.

    I have always wondered how an opposition political party with a bank balance that can never be Shs 1bn dream of taking political power. Why should parties eying to take power cry to Government for funding? As far as I see, this is all lack of seriousness.

    My conclusion is that micro opposition party operations will not help the opposition. It is true some MPs are comfortable given the huge sums they enjoy from the taxpayers, and this induces them to sponsor micro projects which help them individually, but the people remain at a loss. The way forward is to look to one front to steer the opposition to victory. Secondly, it does not make sense to keep in wars with the Police. It is possible to get to an understanding on programs to be implemented instead of keeping on the run all the time.


    corporations built under the leadership of President Milton Obote

    List of some of the corporations built under the leadership of President Milton Obote in the period 1962-1971: Can Museveni also show us what he has built in 31 years?

    Uganda Spinning Mills
    Uganda Securiko Ltd
    Agricultural Enterprises Ltd
    Uganda Tea Corporation Ltd
    White Horse Inn
    Blenders (U) Ltd
    Hotel Margherita
    Mt. Moroto Hotel
    Rock Hotel
    Uganda Cement Ind. -Hima
    Lira Hotel
    Soroti Hotel
    Uganda Fishnet Ltd
    Acholi Inn
    Rock Hotel
    Crested Crane Hotel
    Mt. Elgon Hotel
    White Rhino Hotel
    Uganda Leather and Tanning
    Uganda Meat Packers Ltd
    Lake Victoria Hotel Ltd
    Uganda Hardwares Ltd
    Winits (U) Ltd
    Uganda Cement Industries
    Tororo Phosphates Ltd
    Mweya Safari Lodge
    Chobe Lodge
    Pakuba Lodge
    Agip Motel
    Tropic Inn
    White Horse Inn
    Mountains of The Moon Hotel
    Uganda Motors Ltd
    Uganda Hire Purchase Co.
    Republic Motors
    African Textile Mills
    Fresh Foods Ltd
    Foods & Beverages Ltd
    African Ceramics Co.
    Uganda Pharmaceuticals Ltd.
    Uganda Commercial Bank
    Cooperative Bank
    Uganda Development Bank
    Housing Finance Bank
    Kibimba Rice Co. Ltd.
    Uganda Grain Milling
    Uganda Hoes.
    Soroti Meat Packers
    Dairy Corporation
    Uganda Meat Packers Ltd
    National Housing and Corporation
    Uganda Industrial Machinery Ltd.
    PAPCO Industries Ltd.
    Ug. Consolidated Properties
    Uganda Development Corporation
    Uganda Hotels Ltd
    Uganda Clays Ltd.
    Masindi Hotel
    Uganda Motors
    East African Airways
    Soroti Flying School
    Uganda Transport (Bus) Corporation
    Peoples Transport (Bus) Corporation
    Uganda Posts and Telecommunications Corporation
    Central Purchasing Corporation
    Steel Corporation of EA
    Uganda Garment Industries UGIL
    Apollo Hotel Corporation Ltd. (Sheraton)
    Transocean Transport Ltd
    Associated Match company
    Uganda Electricity Board
    Nile Hotel and International Conference Centre Ltd
    Uganda Electricity Board
    National Insurance Corporation
    National Housing and Construction Corporation
    Uganda Railways Corporation
    Dairy Corporation
    Kinyara Sugar
    Kibimba Rice Scheme
    Coffee Marketing Board
    Lint Marketing Board
    Produce Marketing Board

    Asasira Ustus uganda tear gas fresh factory for his regime

    Faizal Mukasa Jeff zaadawa

    Frank Prince Mclamagi Nothing.

    Remianso Austin Brian what a leader!

    mubuulire kujinika bi……..’

    Remianso Austin Brian what a leader!

    Stuart Clive Wiz Jackie uganda yellow t-shirts manufacturing ltd

    Omumba Rolex Ihihihahahaha, Wen He Goes 4 Campiagn, Dumps His Yellow Cabbages Bribin D Narrow Minded Pipo N Says He Z Fightin Poverty N Corruption

    Sunday Joseph Kabata Dairector What you have listed here none is helping me.

    Malumba Derrick Rogers i think he was intrested in only eating!!!! cz it seems he built mo hotels

    Tukamushaba Wilberforce Ssebo olimba

    Malumba Derrick Rogers According to wat he listed here. Thats wat I see….

    Muhereza Nicholas All Are Sold By M7

    Mabele U. Felix In less than 10yrs obote did that, 30yrs of fighting 4 freedom, the results is, ..Ugandans are starving 2 death,… No helping hand allowed 4 them!..

    Godfrey Ndawula Mbiriizi Ate Anga Akyatukalakata

    Otim Onesmus Ones watsap!

    Mohamedi Addam Abatamanyi kisanja kyekitegeza / kumaliriza bulikimu. Kikare

    Magunga Friday What have you contributed to your country?

    Ojede Denish Deno Ugandans will still regreat aleader who had laid asolid foundation,lot of jobs 4 youth just 2 be embezzled by this pipo

    Senfuma Clement Hoo pipo don’t you fear to be cained even on yo stomach “mwe muzanyise Jaajamwaami”

    Kahuju Jackson Twaleri ebinyindo.

    Otim Onesmus Ones From 1986-2017 Tear Gas,Standard Gage Railway Markets ie MBALE,JINJA,LIRA,GULU,MBARARA,Etc…
    soroti university,soroti factory,rolex making,mbarara university,stable security,operation wealth creation,and many others……..

    Ojede Denish Deno Agricultre,health and education, was considered more imporntant than other sectors. ” state house consumption” homm..

    Kamugisha Phillo He only sold them

    Mustapha Mukiibi The problem is that Ugandans are so forgetful. Do you remember when he said he is not any bodies servant. Then y should he put things in place to benefit other people ?

    Kahuju Jackson The man came to eat and will be surtsfied

    Wasswa Ssesanga Juniour Peter GUNDI U KNOW HISTORY, MOST OF DAT IS HISTORY washed away

    Joseph Lukwago To hell with your Obote the goon that created Uganda political Frankensteins.

    Prince Ndibarema Comrade really shall GOD relieve us ov this burden?

    James Francis Oriekot May someone tag Jimmy Akena. May the soul of Obote RIP.

    Kasingye G Barigye we ve the platform to air out our norsence one gets to kno tht the old creppaled dad has da role he \ she plays whn she dies to me much has been done en acheived but we ar myopic en whn a country is yet to go to next level ov dvlpmt we expect such post of comparision,

    Mustapha Mukiibi Can’t blame you coz you are kasingye.

    Mustapha Mukiibi We expect this from names like such.

    Ayebare Iginitius But still we shldnt forget the policy of liberalisation by IMF and World Bank. And remmember uganda is not a socialistic economy

    Rashid Ibraheem He can only say they were not performing..
    “Twebaka kutulo” rhetoric

    Martin Nzangabo After all he is not anyone’s servant here in Uganda

    Mubiru Samuel Naye muli bimenya nga agenze nga obote.Musiimeeko

    Eric Lusiba obote was a fool he attacked Mengo and abolished cultural institutions.

    Ojede Denish Deno what is da cultural institution helping us with now, instead promoting traibolisum,nepotisum etc. he was right 2 abolish

    Mutudo Albert M7 Came To Steal Ugdns.

    Francis Wanyela M7 Is The Founder Of Corruption In UG Please Remember That And Obote Was ugan While M7 MBU Is RAWANDAN So I Don't See Season Why M7 Can Built UG Instead To Sell Off UG Eeee Poor UG. Neumbe Esther Nuxh Rashid Nura Wanyela Fred Modern Wanyela Denis Neumbe Joy Mary Geff Harshy Classic TZ Kilara Charles Mukhisa Kituyi


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    19 Democratic Party NEC members who on Thursday voted with Party President Norbert Mao to suspend his Buganda region Deputy were each paid an “allowance” of 300,000/= The SpearNews can exclusively reveal.

    Also read: Conspiracy: NRM bankrolls “Good DP” for a smear campaign against Buganda figures opposed to Museveni

    Mao and Mbidde through DP National Executive committee [NEC] on Thursday suspended for 90days the Vice President of Buganda region, Betty Nambooze Bakireke for organizing a Buganda region delegates conference on 31st March 2017.

    Police brutally stopped the meeting on orders of the two party leaders.

    The SpearNews has learnt that the executive members who supported the motion were each given a “voting allowance” of three hundred thousand Uganda shillings and a meal worth 35,000/- at pope Paul hotel each.

    The executive members who abstained from voting on the matter were paid 70,000/- transport refund plus a plate of food while those who voted no and those who walked out of the meeting went home empty handed.

    The money was paid to the delegates by party accountant Mr. Wakooli. The SpearEye wasn’t able to establish how much was paid to the top officials.

    DP NEC has forty four members and those who voted in favor of Nambooze’s suspension were 22 including the Acting Party Secretary General who at the same time conducted the proceedings.

    Members who Opposed the suspension

    1.Hon.Kakande Kenneth [Publicity secretary]
    2.Hon.Sulaiman Kidandala [national organising sec
    3.Mr. Samuel Muyizzi [Legal adviser]
    4.Mr.Kijjambu Deogratias [Member]
    5.Hon.Mugambwa Robert
    6.Mayor Kasirye Nganda Mulyanyama

    Among those who voted for suspension are:
    1.Hon. Florence Namayanja
    2.Hon.Mary Babirye Kabanda [
    3.Hon.Issa Kikungwe
    4.Hon.Mukasa Mbidde
    5.Mr.Lumu Richard
    6.Dr.Mayambala Kiwanuka
    7.Dick Lukyamuzi


    I have been receiving many calls since morning as the Democratic Party’s National executive committee (NEC) sat at Pope Paul Memorial Hotel.
    I did not attend the meeting because my doctor had put me on bed rest because of a condition known as Hypoglycemia which has been disturbing me since last year. I got an attack on good Friday soon after participating in the way of the cross.I henceforth informed the acting party secretary Mr Siranda.

    Although the NEC agenda never spelt out that, that I will come up for discussion in my individual capacity, I understand that I turned out to be the only item the NEC handled for the whole day.

    I however salute the wise counsel of the Legal Advisor Mr Sam Muyizzi for reminding the party leaders that what they have done today, Thursday April 20, 2017, was illegal and inconsequential before the rules of natural justice and our party constitution hence a nullity.

    I also thank the leaders from Western Uganda for standing on the principle of Truth and Justice upon which our party swears to abide by in all circumstances.I also thank the NEC members who walked out for distancing yourselves from these disgraceful and cowardly acts of attempting to threaten and gag party members who stand by what is right.

    Undoubtedly this is neither the spirit of the DP we inherited from our forefathers nor the DP we want today and in the future.

    I will address myself to the matter in detail on Monday if my health permits.

    For now, I would like to tell the millions of DP members and supporters that our struggle has not been hindered by an inch. We want a strong, better governed, reformed, and transparent DP.

    Such intrigues as seen today, have only exposed the enemy within. It reassures us that we are on the right side of history and we should match on. We are invigorated.

    For the party that believes in Truth and Justice, this exposes our President Mr Norbert Mao as being far short of that maxim, although I find his move sincere that people soul searching on how to make the party great again have no place at his table.

    That DP is in the state of captivity is no longer a matter of debate. We cannot relent until we liberate our party from the dark forces that so desire to annihilate it.
    The enemy is within sight. We are building for our final stand.

    Keep the messages coming. And I welcome your advice and support as usual as we take our struggle forward. Masaka we are coming.
    For Truth and justice as we strive to make DP great again.



    Daniella Atim In a stunning breakdown of Uganda’s most celebrated musician Joseph Mayanja alias Jose Chameleone’s
    abusive side, his estranged wife Daniella Atim has filed for

    The stunning mother of four has asked the Nakawa Chief Magistrate’s Court to annul her marriage on grounds of cruelty.

    Chameloene is blaming personal friend and music promoter Ronald Sipapa for failing his marriage after finding out that Sipapa is giving Daniela upkeep money.

    Now, Atim stated that in 2013 Chameleone started physically torturing her and sometimes he would go home drunk and beat her up without any reason. In order to hide the bruises and wounds on her face, she would allegedly go to hospitals for treatment, veil herself and sometimes run to her friends’ homes to hide from her husband. Daniella told court that her husband is ill-mannered and to protect herself from being killed, she has separated beds with him. Chameleone disrespects her before her children, is verbally abusive, constantly belittles her before them and physically abuses the children too.

    That means her singer husband, Chameleone has been given two weeks to respond to a divorce petition number 72 of 2017, filed on April 18, 2017, through Okurut and Company Advocates and has been assigned to Margaret Aanyu. Daniella has been a strong mother … for what that’s worth. They have been married since 2008.



    Besigye** I Want Every Ugandan To Treat Me Like Nelson Mandela

    Tamale Mirundi** I Agree With You My Friend But First Lets Begin With 27yrs In Jail

    Besigye**[in A Low Voice] Katerwe Enkuba Rwata Wee


    Uganda Pastor Burns Thousands of Holy Bibles

    Pastor Bugingo Burns Thousands of Holy Bibles at Makerere Kikoni

    City Pastor Aloysius Bugingo of House of Prayer ministries located in Makerere, Kikoni, on Easter Monday set thousands of Holy Bibles ablaze because they are ‘misleading’ his congregation.

    The congregation consists of people from all walks of life but has a majority of campus students that hail from Makerere University and institutes of higher learning in Wandegeya.

    The Salt FM and TV proprietor has over time condemned the use of ‘edited’ versions of the Bible. He says that Bibles like The King Jame’s version, the New Testament, The Good News Bible have been tampered with and some verses omitted.

    Pastor Bugingo says that the lines talking about the Fasting and Lent, in general, were erased and that the word “Holy Ghost” appears a whopping 99 times yet the word “Holy Spirit” appears only seven times. He, therefore, requested members of his congregation to collect all the said Bible versions and set them ablaze.

    Pastor Bugingo

    Pastor Bugingo enjoys a crowd of between 3000 to 6000 people who attend prayers at his church on a daily. Bugingo also says that he has a crowd of between 10,000 to 15,000 followers in his congregation on Sundays.




    If you are in opposition singing “Museveni must go” yet you drink booze everyday then you are fool of the highest order.
    Every year beer and waragi(buvera & crude) pay to Museveni government over shillings 1 trillion (1000,000,000,000/=) in taxes to buy teargas and bullets that have kept you a poor slave in your own country!

    -On every beer you buy, you contribute to Museveni government 1000- 3000 shilling depending from where you’ve bought it!
    – If you drink yourself silly and sleep in a bar, you are just extending Museveni stay by spending the whole night contributing to Museveni power project. In fact its just like spending the whole night singing and shouting “museveni abeewo paka last”

    -Reducing on amount of beer you drink.
    -Drink non taxable, affordable, nutrious, fresh and chemical free local booze like Ajono(malwa), Tonto(mwenge bbigele) etc..
    -Invest the booze saved money in non taxable ventures like churches, (start small churches) agricultural projects, traditional herbal business etc….


    Nakaseke South Mp(s) Woman Mp Sarah Najuma And Lutamaguzi Semakula

    Nakaseke South Mp(s) Woman Mp Sarah Najuma And Lutamaguzi Semakula.Am Reminding You People To Remember Watever You Promised To Your Voters.Lutamaguzi You Said To Kisega Parish Voters That If They Vote You Your To Use Any Possible Mean To Extend Electricity Power And U Clearly Said In Just 3moths We Ar To See Rorries Carrying Poles And Wires But We Have Noticed Ur Lies.Anyway Thanks For Using Your Voice In Parliament.Najjuma.! Kisega Okyajukira Byewetema Nkujukize Nyabo.


    Dear UCC ED Mutabazi,

    I’m sure you’ve seen the shambles that is your attempt to promote the registration of national IDs.

    If we’re going to have a frank discussion, let’s call it what it is! This is NOT a SIM registration exercise.

    If it were, then valid forms of identification like Passports, Voters Cards, Financial Cards, Driving Permits and Birth Certificates would be recognised with a view to registering sim cards.

    This is a National ID registration exercise. PERIOD.

    Sooooo, nowwww that we’re clear what the end is? Let’s discuss the means.

    If fishing is an effort to catch fish then your method of an ad hoc illegal ultimatum to the general public is akin to throwing sticks of dynamite in a lake in order to catch fish! We all know that’s hardly the best fishing method. The stampedes and hullabaloo of the last few days can surely attest to that.

    I’m sure there have been many suggestions. Here’s mine.

    1. Get Ministry of Internal Affairs to give NIRA access to all passport files and the Driving Permit databases.

    2. For every file that has a travel document that’s still valid, check the National ID, Voters Cards and Driving Permits databases

    A. If there’s a National ID/Driving Permit/Voters Card issued to an individual with the same name, date of birth and place of birth? Link the documents to the Internal affairs file reference number.

    B. If there’s no national ID issued to this individual, assign an ID number and link ANY/ALL other available documents to the Internal Affairs file reference. eg I have a Passport, Driving Permit, Voters Card. I should be able to present my known and valid documents to NIRA and pick a valid ID as long as I appear in person with my original document and have my signature witnessed and verified.

    I shouldn’t have to line up for donkey’s years filling forms with information already in government’s possession

    And neither should I be able to bribe a random LC with ugx 5,000 to give me a letter that says I’m Nancy Mukisa of Lyantonde, go to Amamu house and claim I was born in Lyantonde in 1992 and get a birth certificate issued to that effect and fill a form with falsehoods and get assigned a National ID in an alias – as is the case right now! Sooooo many criminals hold IDs in multiple aliases because of the slipshod approach you’re pursuing!

    C. For those that don’t have passports but hold other verified valid forms of ID, those with National IDs should have ALL their existing documents linked to these aforementioned pre-existing documents and those without should be able to present their known original identification document and pick a national ID that’s been printed on the strength of these background documents! This would give the national ID a legitimacy it currently lacks!

    D. A further link of all historical Candidate Numbers held in UNEB at PLE, UCE and UACE levels from 1917 to 2017 would help with verification of false academic credentials and falsification of age. Imagine Steven Kavuma swearing an affidavit that would imply that he was assigned his PLE candidate number at 3yrs of age!!! Imagine all the court cases of Parliamentarians with false documents! THAT is a document I’d carry proudly. The current mockery you’re vending is unattractive and irrelevant and superfluous in its current highly flawed stand-alone unverifiable form!

    E. A national ID with an expiry date is STUPID.
    It makes forgery easier and tracking harder! The strength of the UK NI and the US Social Security Number is that they’re unique to a single individual for the duration of the person’s life! They link everything from a birth certificate to education from elementary to college, they link to tax and criminal record, they link to vehicle ownership, home ownership, credit history, bank accounts, credit rating, they link to marriage, Passports and finally death! That’s whyyyy it’s hard to evade authorities in these countries. It’s not impossible, MIND YOU. But it’s very hard.

    F. On that note, extend your data integration to FINANCIAL CARDS and NSSF Account Numbers.

    G. This is work YOU the government and PARTICULARLY a framework you our regulator ought to do YOURSELVES. NOT lazily fobbing it off on the general public with juvenile ultimatum that aren’t grounded in either law or policy!

    You’re essentially asking the muderers and fraudsters among us to tell you what aliases they’d like to use to perpetrate their crimes! All they have to do in this hullabaloo is patiently apply as many times and in as many locations and with as many aliases as they can to acquire a stash of disposable pseudo identities with which to commit crimes!

    Good luck! I hope you listen and I expect you to consult security experts in organisations like interpol and FFB- Financial Fraud Bureau to build a robust framework to underpin these National ID cards.

    In summary : A document or card is only as good as the 3rd party verification of its source data! Unless you strap a polygraph on every applicant for these adhoc ID cards, you’re essentially a factory for potential fraud aliases! The way forward is use as much verifiable 3rd party data as possible and people who are already “known” entities get pre-vetted PRE-ALLOCATED ID cards on successful identification. Thereafter, the rest who did not previously hold any other identification document can apply in the blind application process you’re currently modeling.

    Going forward, the registry of births should be built up into a database that will track the PLE/UCE/UACE candidature of the OVER 70% Ugandans who are currently under 18! They should be able to acquire their voters card and national ID after their 18th birthday without having this farce re-enacted every year! Ugandans are born daily and many are turning 18 even as I speak nowwww! I’ve already registered my sim card 6 times since I acquired it!! This can’t go on! Get serious!

    You’re welcome! It was a pleasure! ? ? ?

    Rowena Nahurira©

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