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    Those who are talking of petrol bombs and other shining new pangas… Question is :

    1. When were all the exhibits collected, before or after the attack?
    2. If it was after the attack (presumably), how come the petrol bombs didn’t go off because we know the place was burnt down? Fire would have automatically set them off. Basic chemistry lesson.
    3. How come the rest of the exhibits presented didn’t look burnt. Handles are wooden. They should have turned charcoal black or at least be half burnt.
    4. If they were picked before the attack, who picked them.
    5. I put it to you that some of these exhibits could have been planted by the state.


    Its indeed disheartening, sad, annoying to embarrassing degrees that apart from the Katiikiro of Buganda Charles peter Mayiga who publicly on behalf of Kingdom came out to condemn the senseless, merciless, inhuman acts and unexplainable killings that happened to the Obusinga bwa Rwenziruru, the subjects and the Omusinga himself in Kasese, . where’s Omukama Solomon Iguru Gafabuusa Agutamba of Bunyooro in this, where’s the Kyabazinga of Busoga, the Omukam of Toro kingdom in this very disturbing situation in Kasese? What these Kingdoms ought not to forget is, today is Obusinga and tomorrow it may be one of them! I think all of still have fresh memories of the Kayunga Buganda riots and what happened. I hear they have an umbrella that joins together these cultural institutions, what does it stand for? What was the essence of its establishment? Whose interests does it serve? They’re all mute as if all is well. Shame on theses cultural leaders and their governments.


    KASESE MURDERS… I have very disturbing Questions in my mind…. According to Katushabe….the eyewitness at the Rwezururu Palace who was with the King and his guards at the time… He had negotiated a surrender and Disarming everyone at the palace… They did comply and were waiting for Trucks to ferry them away as instructed, So who killed the Police Army we now have dead? Why? Lots of the victims were naked, who undressed them, Why? The Women were naked and hands tied, why? Are they Raped? Who did all this, when , where, why?
    What was their motive?


    Those saying this was not a massacre should explain to us where are the 100 plus guns matching with the bodies collected. If the guards had guns how come only old junky guns which had not fired a bullets for years where displayed, can we subject these guns to balastic tests?

    There is no evidence that the Rwenzururu Kingdom is part of the rebels attacking Police posts. People where killed on basis of hearsay, otherwise this same evidence would have been used to summon the King to Court than kill hundreds of innocent people. In fact the attack only facilitated planting of fake evidence in the palace. The two guns displayed were rusty and had not released a bullet for years, there is no evidence to support the claim that the Guards were shooting back, all army mamba vehicle had no bullets fired at them.

    All bodies displayed in pictures taken had no guns on them and no pangas on them, meaning they where not in an attacking position at the time they were shot at by the army.

    Initial reports show that the kingdom had agreed to government’s demands at last minute , which was not what government wanted because that would not give them reason to arrest the king.

    Museveni and his boys think Uganda is a playing ground, you steal money, abuse people’s rights, subject the population to poverty and hunger and now you are killing them. This case is bringing back the Mutukula Killings.

    I now see why the man wants to put his son in position of authority in the army, to avoid a situation where a change of leadership will lead to his arrest. We shall over this dictator and his family will end up behind bars.

    In conclusion it’s their time now let’s gather this evidence and prepare for them in future.


    So after this carpet bombing by the army and police of the King’s palace that left even the green grass turning to ashes, the wicked and criminal government wants us to believe that what they assembled as to be the things recovered from the palace were got from these ashes?? How pathetic does the government think we are? To this extent? I don’t think so. We are not fools to that level.



    Like Col. Idi Amin Dada who attacked King Muteesa’s palace in Kampala Uganda on May 24, 1966, Now 50 years later, Brigadier Peter Elwelu made history on November 27, 2016 by attacking King Mumbere’s palace, commanded Kasese genocide, brutally arrested King Mumbere and killed all King Mumbere’s royal guards in cold blood in a broad daylight. Brigadier Peter Elwelu and whoever gave him orders to invade King Mumbere’s palace to massacre innocent civilians in Omusinga’s palace MUST be prosecuted at the International Criminal Court (ICC) at The Hague in the Netherlands no matter how and when!


    The Director / Producer of the Movie series “UGANDA” is the most amazing… He doesn’t give you time to follow any episode… You are trying to follow MPs 200m vehicles, in comes Kato Lubwama n his credentials, then Ugandans attacked in South Sudan , you try to follow Muk closure, kanyamunyu arrives, before u know it, Mbuga’s Wedding. As you buy popcorn Maama fiinaz Hubby, before you insert a disk Kaseese attacks… Now mumbere remanded! In between all these episodes there is a Besigye defiance campaign…and an attack on FUFA offices by former players. In a nutshell, atuloga ali ku kalina buli wetudda atulaba.


    On Sunday, Yoweri Museveni and his Killers displayed an assortment of pangas, spears, clubs, bows & arrows, a pistol that was in a case, and others. All these were allegedly recovered from the Mumbere’s palace. They over-zealously displayed these items as evidence of the illegal activities that were taking place at Mumbere’s palace.

    The senior killer, Yoweri Museveni has been calling the royal guards all sorts of names including “criminals”. Really?! Fact-check 1: That very pistol and it’s case displayed was officially and formally given to Charles Mumbere by the IGP Kayihura for his own protection. Fact-check 2: The government security services helped to train these very royal guards. What that make the government? An accomplice in an illegality and in a criminal act .

    Consume government information, propaganda and lies with a caution

    15284803_731448953676997_3255686037633740845_n This Special Force operative of Chimp reports humiliating Bakonjo elders. … In a joint military police operations, those elders should be on handcuffs but not the ropes the Kraal people use to tether goats. This clearly means it’s yoweri museveni’s Special Forces molesting elders up there. ..and it should honestly stop. 15203284_731449000343659_8962606624550417291_n The facility where the items paraded as having been seized after the raid on the palace was bombed down but the recovered items have no signs of smoke on them clearly signalling that the facility was either burnt after the raid and or the paraded items are procured from some where else.

    I have seen pictures of the so called commanders of Mutima or what they call it, and have come to conclude that NRM government is taking Ugandans for a ride.
    Are this old men really commanders of any group that was fighting or they have just been set up to implicate some people.
    Can these bazei even lift AN AK47 gun leave alone shot it.


    It shall remain in History that Brig. Elwelu, through direct orders of Yoweri Museveni, massacred unarmed palace members. UPDF planted arms to cover up thier Crimes against Humanity.




    In August 1985, the NRA armed rebels led by Yoweri Museveni, unlawfully hijacked a Uganda Airlines’ F-27 Fokker Friendship propeller plane on a domestic flight, from Entebbe Airport (‘EBB’) to Arua Airport (‘RUA’), with 44 unarmed civilian people on board and 4 crew members, before diverting the civilian aircraft to Kasese Airfield


    NOBODY IS WAIYTING FOR GOV’T TO GET HANDOUTS, BUT SERIOUSLY, the gov’t is letting foreigners own retail shops, the gov’t is giving incentives to foreigners, the arcade owners are increasing rent every month, our currency is depreciating by the day, don’t u think the gov’t is very crucial in my finances? My hard work is not felt in my pockets due to bad governance.


    The Leader of Opposition in Parliament Hon. Winne Kiiza has accused president Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and his son the Special force unit commander Brigadier Muhoozi Kainerugaba for giving orders to ‘massacre people in kasese.’

    speaking during the pray for Kasese gathering held at the FDC party headquarters in Najjanankumbi, Winnie added that Muhoozi camped and stationed the command post at Margaretta hotel in Kasese.

    Over the weekend, the Uganda police and UPDF attacked the Rwenzururu Kingdom palace in Kasese on allegation of planning a secession to form Yiira republic.

    During the clashes with the royal guards at the palace, more than 60 people were killed and and hundreds arrested including the Rwenzururu King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere who is on remand in Kirinya prison.


    The Kampala City Lord mayor Elias Lukwago has said that President dream is to rule Uganda like a monarchy.

    He added that Mueseveni is obsessed with power something that has made him blood thirst for terrorizing whoever stands in his way.

    “Mr. Museveni is obsessed with power, hence, whenever he realizes that someone is threatening his power, he unleashes terror”. Said Lukwago.

    Lulwago made these remarks during the ‘Pray for Kasese’ Mass organized at the FDC Party Headquarter, Najjanankumbi to mourn the people who were murdered in cold blood over the weekend in Kasese district.

    The Uganda police and UPDF attacked the Rwenzururu Kingdom palace in Kasese on allegation of planning a secession to form Yiira republic.During the clashes with the royal guards at the palace, more than 60 people were killed and and hundreds arrested including the Rwenzururu King Omusinga Charles Wesley Mumbere who is on remand in Kirinya prison.

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