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    liberating own country from oppression is ultimate reason why men are born, grow & die….if u face enemy, you kill-you defeat..to defeat is to de capacitate..to de capacitate is to be victorious..wars are won, killing the oppressor is part of the salt oppressors enjoy..oppressors are defeated thru shed of blood..those who remain alive enjoy the fruits of liberation..oppressors die, those who remain are made accountable..aluta..struggle continues.


    There are many questions flying around asking why some voices are so silent at the time the country wants to hear from them about the current security of Uganda.

    I have reserved my detailed comment on the Kasese Massacres for another day but meanwhile let me ask; in all what the country is going through where is;

    1. Vice President Ssekandi – The President has been away for a two day visit to South Africa and you would expect the Vice President to deputize his boss at least by giving a comment on BBS Terefayina eyaffe !!

    2. IGP Kale Kaihura- We all know how Kaihura loves the Cameras but I have not seen him anywhere…Kaihura where are you Mukwano, are you on a hospital bed somewhere like me…but at least me,am down but not out..I can be traced on Facebook!

    3.The Security Minister Henry Tumukunde…where else would Tumukunde have been so useful to the Country than now…but not even Kamunye quotes my soft spoken General !!

    4. Defence Minister Adolf Musigye- This is the first “war” oba “battle” under your command code named “Usalama Rwenzori” but chaali Amooti kobuzire!!

    5.Brigadier oba Major Muhozi Kainerugaba- You have been known to command successful operations, like the one that saved Mutagamba from the” terrorists” who had invaded her with a knife or when you almost captured Kony;that day you “captured” his (kony) coat…surely Major we are missing you in action…Nenchi mwana?!

    6.Crispus Kiyonga – True you lost an election and also never bounced back in cabinet but still you’re an elder in the Rwenzori region who is expected to tell your kinsmen and the Country some words of wisdom at this crucial moment…your silence is so loud big boy!


    Chairman Aggrey Natuhamya should be charged with treason and after losing the case be hanged!

    On 26th match 2017 during a fundraising at Ntuntu archdeaconry, Kamwenge District Chairman Aggrey Natuhamya in his speech to Hon Minister of local government hon Tom Butime who was representing President Museveni, Aggrey asked Museveni to stand in 2021 for President.
    According to the constitution of Uganda, Museveni can not contest for President in 2021 because he will have gone beyond 75 years of age.
    So, Mr Aggrey Natuhamya asking Museveni to contest beyond the age is an attempt to over throw the constitution of Uganda which is ridiculous, sacrilegious and treasonable.
    Iam appealing to lawyers and other peace loving Uganda to contact me so that we take this savage to court over his message.


    How Museveni spent Shs 21.7bn on vehicles in 5 years

    In just five years, government has spent more than Shs 21.7 billion on vehicles for President Museveni and State House staff, budget documents indicate.

    After thoroughly analysing the 2017/2018 Ministerial Policy Statement for State House, which breakdowns the entity’s budget allocations and expenditure priorities, The Observer has found that between 2010 and 2015, government bought 192 vehicles, including buses and lorries, for use by the president’s residence.

    The State House budget for vehicles is particularly for the president and staff of his residence. It is separate from that of the Office of the President, which has a separate budget and buys its own fleet of cars.

    A deeper scrutiny of State House’s inventory found that most cars were bought during the years leading to a general election, an indication that the president bolsters his fleet ahead of election campaigns.

    On the campaign trail, Museveni often uses a helicopter to get to various rallies in a single day, and he finds a presidential convoy waiting at each of these venues.

    For instance, in the run-up to the 2011 elections, more than Shs 9.2bn was spent on 108 vehicles. This is representative of 42.7 percent of the total sum, which was spent on vehicles over the five-year period.

    Of the amount spent ahead of 2011, State House spent more than Shs 2.7bn on nine vehicles for the presidential convoy. The most expensive of the nine vehicles purchased in that period, the records say, were two station wagons costing Shs 200m each.

    This figure is more than double the vehicle budget for 2007, the year Uganda hosted the Commonwealth Heads of Government (CHOGM). In that year, State House spent Shs 1.37bn to add 14 vehicles to its fleet, seven of which were for the presidential convoy….

    #And still, Janet Kataha M7, fails to understand where people like, Dr Stella Nyanzi’s anger comes from….!!!


    Nakyemalira wakuno okoze bubi egwanga lino .kati ne kitongole kyamakomera kitandise okola ebya police byekola nti nakyo kifuse kya Nrm .emisana galeero

    Dr.besigye aganidwa okugenda okulambula ku dr. Stella Nyanzi bwabuziza lwaki aganibwa bamuzemu nti order from byabasaijja akulira amakomera .Luno olutalo lwetulimu lunene naye nkikakasa tujja kwenunula .


    Wakiso police , the DPP office and the one kagwa appolo.mbu a land lord have connived and demolished pipoz houses .

    However if police can’t help then watch the space . mbu the DPP has always called the file cases of the issue nazitulila naye… Tebejusa


    The inevitably weakening Uganda Police Force boss Gen. Edward Kale Kayihura last night fell victim of fake advisors when he jumped out of his skin to drag the mighty Investigator and three other media houses to court, claiming the continued investigative reporting of his Assistant, AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi’s murder would endanger ‘already endangered’ investigations.

    Through the Attorney General, Gen. Kayihura swore an affidavit against online media outlets including the Investigator, Chimp Reports, the Ugandan, and the print and online versions of the Red Pepper Publications, saying their continued coverage of his hitherto blue-eyed boy Kaweesi’s murder investigation findings were “injurious” to the national security.

    Also lined for the legal battle are the proprietors and editors of the publications. They include; Stanley Ndawula (the Investigator), Chimp Reports’ Giles Muhame, and The Ugandans’ Dickson Kagurusi, in addition to individual editors and editors in Chief.

    “TAKE FURTHER NOTICE that the grounds upon which this application is based are supported by the Affidavit of Gen. Kale Kayihura which shall be relied upon at the hearing of this application,” the Attorney General wrote, ‘clearing self’ of the plaint where, the person of Gen. Kayihura also prays for the suit costs and damages from the defendants.

    The Investigator understands that whereas Gen. Kayihura is a professional lawyer, and whose police management authority comprises among others, the legal section whose head would have dragged the media to court, he personally chose to hold the bull by the horns, lending credence to allegations that he has ‘personal interest’ in his police officer’s murder investigations.

    In the affidavit via which he begs court to slap a permanent injunction on the media coverage of Kaweesi murder investigations, Kayihura does not fault his ‘tormentors’ of misinforming the readers but rather, giving the public what they are not meant to know, hence undermining, confusing, and compromising the integrity and outcome of the investigations!

    The Investigator gathers that after failing to ‘talk peace’ with some of the journalists from the affected media houses, Kayihura was advised by three ‘journalists’ to legally go against the ‘offensive’ media outlets. It is said the ‘journalists’ and a few crime ‘preventers,’ some of whom also former journalists have lately siphoned good dimes from the General to supposedly wet-beak the ‘offending’ journalists.

    The Gist

    That General Kayihura has been challenged by his own people is an old story. He has fervently fought to save faces of his ‘crime infiltrated police’ officers, especially in the Kaweesi murder, making every upright thinking journalists, investigators and members of public believe the myth of… “Who knows…the boss could be having special interests.”

    Several incidents have emerged since Kaweesi’s murder and whoever is pointed at as an internal player is either transferred or sent for a course. This information ends in the ears of the media not because the respective journalists sleep in the General’s compound but because his rather patriotic helpers and ‘suckers’ are sick and tired of sinking the country any further.

    The General is further bitter because; “Publications and intended publications on the investigation into the murder of AIGP Felix Kaweesi are confidential information which will and/or is likely to jeopardize the work of Uganda Police Force and security agencies in Uganda.” He however falls short to explain why only Kaweesi’s investigations are confidential and not others before.

    Seeking for an injunction to have the media out of the disturbingly confused Kaweesi murder investigations, Kayihura also prayed that court awards him costs and general damages! “Thereafter that the Applicant shall be heard for orders that; an interim order doth issue restraining the respondents/defendants… from publishing the contents or running any series on the investigation into the murder of AIGP Andrew Felix Kaweesi…The cost of this application be provided for…”

    Speaking to this writer last night, the composed Investigator CEO Ndawula Stanley said the General had chosen a wrong path and would ‘dance to his own music.’ He said; “Whoever advised the General to choose that roadway is his main enemy. I am happy there is nowhere he mentions we published false information but rather we shouldn’t tell the public. Shame upon him.”

    Ndawula said the matter has been handed over to the Company Secretary, Roberts Friday Kagoro, also senior partner with Muwema and Company Advocates who has already registered more than 13 lawyers that are willing to offer free services not only to the accused Investigator Company and individuals but to all the affected online media houses… Watch this Space


    Updf Soldier Shoots Waitress Dead Over Shs 1,000.The Soldier Was Retalliating For Being Called A Thief.
    Amuru Residents Of Bibia Parish In Atiak Subcounty Amuru District Were On Sunday Left In Shock After A Updf Shot Dead A Young Gal. The Deceased Was Identified As Aisha Shida Who Hails From Kigumba District. A Updf Soldier Is Attahed To Babia Barracks. On Saturday A Soldier Drunk Two Bottles Of Beer At The Bar And Paid Shs.5,000 To Deceased With Promises That He Would Pick The Balance Shs1,000 Later. However When He Went To The Bar On Sunday Evening The Deceased Re-portedly Denied Any Knowledge Of Him And Labelled Him A Thief.


    Warned Residents Flee Homes to Save Lives – Red Pepper Uganda
    Panga killers list MPs, RDC, Mayor, all associated to Museveni as next target in Masaka

    Machete wielding thugs have listed the homes of the newly elected EALA Representative Mathias Kasamba and former Woman MP for Masaka Freda Mubanda among those to attack.

    The much feared terror group has been writing warning notices to different villages in Greater Masaka region and they went ahead to attack the listed homes, leaving occupants cut to death or left with wounds.

    Now Kasamba and Mubanda’s homes has been listed among the prominent people in Masaka region for attack. News from sobuja.org says Mubanda has fled her home for dear life.

    According to police, the anonymous notice has 14 names of prominent people in Masaka targeted by assailants for their association with President Museveni.

    The list includes among other Masaka deputy RDC, deputy Mayor, prominent traders, the chairperson Business community, and the woman MP Rakai among others.


    Businessman Shot Dead Along Salaama Road just this morning


    Residents of Muswangali zone, Salaama road have woken up in dismay after finding one of their residents shot dead in his shop by unknown assailants.

    The deceased have been identified as Byamugisha Mathias. He was operating a business along Salaama road opposite ETM International church.

    According to the eye witness, Gideon Muhumuza who is a neighbour, the deceased was attacked in the wee hours of last night at around 3am and shot dead by yet to be known goons.

    “We have failed to identify the motive of the attack, because even his car that was parked in front of his house was not tampered with. We are not sure whether they robbed him before killing him because police have condoned the crime scene/his shop,” Muhumuza remarked.

    Police has arrived at the scene at around 6am, picked the body and took it to Mulago hospital for postmortem. Investigations into the matter are ongoing.

    Meanwhile, by press time, no official statement from police had been released.


    Taxi number UAN 298J

    Taxi number UAN 298J
    Is For thieves it operates around luzira,mutungo,kitintale ,bugolobi….it picks people from Internal Affairs and the stages…and robs them off….so please pass on the message.


    General Kayihura ordered the killing of Kaweesi

    .Gen. Kayihura

    All indications are that Gen. Kayihura Ordered the killing of Andrew Felix Kaweesi.

    1. On eve of the murder Gen. Museveni had called and chaired a meeting in which he insisted the Murder case in which Kaweesi was involved in should be concluded and all suspects arrested. On the day of the murder Kayihura confessed he had just spoken to Kaweesi but didn’t give details of their calls, but later kaweesi and Kayihura were susposed to meet the president together with the DPP. There is a theory that Kayihura had called to confirm Kaweesi would be leaving home soon, Kayihura was very first to the scene of crime, he arrived when bodies where still at the scene.

    2. This wamala murder case had previously caused embarrassment to Kawesi and Kayihura causing kawesi to be removed from all positions visible. Kayihura could not afford and putting Kawesi in prison, it was too risky. The more risky part was to allow Kawesi face the president and answer these charges. The President himself told the widow of Wamala to sleep at State House, “I know my men stay here until tomorrow when i get you security” who else has the power to pull off such a killing after someone has met with the President?
    It looks like Kawesi was working for someone on the wamala case, all witness in this case including Kaweesi have now been Killed, who is now occupying the land in Muyenga.
    Interesting the Late Wamala was a business man in Kikubo do you remember the goods that were impounded by anti smuggling unit returned back to Kikuubo by the now IGP. Now you can see the motive and reason we believe Kayihura had special interest in this case and why we think Kaweesi was just a victim of a coverup.

    3. It was well known to many in security circles that Kawesi headed Kifeesi group, commanded by ASP Karumira collecting btn 3 – 5 million shilling a week. Kawesi promoted Kirumira from AIP to ASP jumping one rank and also ensured he was made DPC of Old Kampala a prominent home of Kifesi so that he could be in control of collections, other police chiefs disagreed with this because they knew Kirumira not only had a crimal record as a police officer at his inception when he stole 1.8million shilling and he was convicted but had also been involved in criminal gang activity.
    Kirumira is a good TV personality, he knows how to motivate journalists especially Bukeede guys.

    Do you still here Kifesi since Kirumira was transfered, these guys went away and become individual thieves since they had been given tricks, but other police officers below kirumira know them and arrested some recently.

    4. Gen. Kayihura is not news to criminal activity and putting away partners in such crimes he commits, Do you remember Kata Kajjubi, he Kato was Gen Kayihura’s friend during his period as head of anti smuggling unit, Kayihura used to impound smuggled goods and return them into the market through his good friend and businessman Kato Kajubi. I worked briefly in BAT Sales and Marketing in Greater Masaka and 90% of smuggled supermatch tobacco was brought back into the market.
    The two become so rich and Kato was under declaring profits until Gen Kayihura was tipped off, the Gen had earlier informed his police officers in charge of investigations to destroy the case leading to his acquittal but after information came out that all the money was used up by Kato, the Gen turned around and unlawfully ordered the re-arrest of a man court had set free.

    5. Wrong Suspects arrested and tortured to confess killing Kaweesi, the law against torture by police officers is clear, suspects were arrested and tortured to confess the killing to surprise of security forces these suspects didn’t even know where Kulambiro was, Kayihura then ran to courts of law to prevent media houses from covering this case, he presented these suspects in closed court contrary to laws of Uganda.
    Police officers involved in torture of suspects have never been arrested the reason is that they would give up who ordered the torture.

    6. Kayihura ADC seen at scene of crime collecting bullet shells during the day and later in the night collecting soil for witchcraft. Kayihura is a true believer in witchcraft he had to present this blood to his witchdoctors in TZ so that kaweesi’s ghost can not come back for him. Indeed when Afande yiga ordered the arrest of those collecting soil with blood stains orders to release them came from above. Now you can see his friendship with Kato went beyond business to knowing how witchcraft operates, do you know that the witchdoctors in NATO’s case were released.

    7. Museveni’s revelation that police is occupied by thugs/criminals and his refusal to attend burial, this was a clear message to the masses to be careful, this Statement alone should have lead to the resigning of Kayihura but the hard criminal doesn’t die with words. Museveni was briefed on what was happening by CMI but his hands are tired now, Kayihura has mastered creating security threats as soon as he knew things were not good his criminal gangs started terrorising people in villages and spreading the terror this scares people to think without him things will go worse.


    Let Uganda NRM Government Tell us who is Killing People in Uganda Despite All the Hyped Highly Trained UPDF, Police, Internal Security and External Security Organs Highly Financed in Our Budget!
    Who Assassinated AIGP Felix Kaweesi, His Driver and Body Guard!
    One Month is too Long to Figure out the Murderers in this High Tech Security Information Age! Who murdered the Muslim Clerics in Uganda? Joan Kagezi….to Mention by a few????
    We all know who killed Innocent people in Cold blood in Kasese….Why are they not behind Bars??


    I was a little bit scared of the way Gen. Kale Kayihura looked at one of the suspects who revealed at the press conference a few days ago that the police “works “with them to terrorise people in and around Kampala. Kayihura looked liked he wanted to cannabalise the guy with his death stare, he was simmering like Hannibal Lector. Gave me goose bumps. Journalists and those concerned should keep an eye out on that particular suspect……….BTW: What happened to all the crime Preventers that were hastily trained before the 2016 elections? Is it possible that these are the people terrorising Ugandans now?


    Tell you what ,i do not like the idea of killing Yoweri Museveni i just want us to capture him one day

    1. Use him to fund raise money to develop the north and he should be caged in entebbe wildlife centre as a tourist attraction and whoever wants to see him pays and foreignness pay in pounds not$
    2. Force him to sell all his properties outside uganda and withdraw all the money on his off shore accounts to cater for health and agriculture of uganda
    Lastly he stays alive so that he sees the new uganda prospering with peace and love of ugandans and may be we call the natives in middle east to come back and build our country. But whoever has a tributary off Yoweri Museveni river however small like the size of a hair you wont survive whats coming and mind you its unstoppable (fate).

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