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    The former Uganda People’s Defense Air force Chief of Staff, Brig Moses Rwakitarate has been sent to Brussels.

    According to the Transfer note, General Museveni as the Commander in Chief has moved Brigadier Steven Kashaka from Pretoria to Dar es Salaam while Brigadier Hudson Mukasa has been moved from Bujumbura to Nairobi.

    Maj Gen Nakibus Lakara has been moved from Mogadishu to command Uganda Rapid Deployment Capability Centre (URDCC) in Jinja while Brigadier Michael Bossa has been transferred from Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence (CMI) headquarters to Chieftaincy of Communications and Information Technology (CCIT).

    Other army officers include Major General Silver Kayemba formerly in New York now in charge of MILAD and New York.

    Brigadier Taban Kyabihende has retained his Kinshasa post while Brigadier Burundi Nyamunywanis has been transferred from Washington to Kigali, Rwanda replacing Colonel Octavious Buturo who has been transferred to Khartoum.

    Brigadier Sam Kiwanuka has been moved from Mogadishu to Addis Ababa replacing Brigadier Fred Tolit who has been moved to Bujumbura.

    Brigadier Apollo Kasita Gowa has been moved from Chieftaincy Integrated Resource Management Information Systems (CIRMIS) to Washington.

    Brigadier Paul Lokech has remained in Moscow while Brigadier Mathew Gureme has been moved from URDCC in Jinja to London replacing Colonel Winston Byaruhanga who has been posted to Juba to replace Colonel Benard Obola who has been taken to C/M GHQ Court Martial.

    Brigadier Victor Twesigye has been moved from CCIT to New Delhi replacing Brigadier George Etyang who has been posted to Pretoria while Colonel Emmanuel Rwashande has remained in Beijing.

    Colonel John Kasaija has been moved from Dar es Salaam to Ministry of Defense Contracts committee.

    Meanwhile, Colonel James Ruhesi has remained at the EAC secretariat, Colonel Dominic Twesigomwe moved from Nairobi to CIRMIS.

    Lastly, Colonel Michael Kabango has been moved from CLF to Mogadishu.


    AFTER INTERVIEWING RIGHT HON PRIME MINISTER FOR OVER AN HOUR WHERE Via Teleconference WE were VIEWED BY 19,000,000 people world wide and After watching and reading about Activities of OWC HON GENERAL SALEH I was convinced about the Following

    •Operation wealth Creation (OWC) in which various products and items eg seeds ,calf,Piglets for Christians,Seedlings ,Plantlets etc will free of charge be given to the youth and House Holds for which Ug shs I Trillion is to be invested won’t go wrong here to equip young Ugandans to improve •

    We shall where possible supervise such projects to ensure they are successful and since as they say heard from the Horse’s mouth I am certain this facilitation is real •

    Of recent the whole Tender in Ntungamo District you would not they are encouraging those who have nursery beds for Tea to supply to the District as for you Comrade is your district Bosses hard working to ensure OWC is successful ?General Salim Saleh Will do a lot to ensure your Districts are helped reach their heights but equally do your part •

    Small Business Enterprises will equally be emphasized as a start and funding is being seriously done Country Wide Mr OCICI of Enterprise Uganda emphasized•
    Each period of a human’s life has its different features. Childhood is known for its innocence, Adolescence for spurt in growth and for its characteristic enthusiasm of energy, aggressiveness, the will to fight and overcome difficulties and to do brave activities. It is the uncertain period of man’s life when enthusiasm is in peak, and man has active and vigorous co-operation of the body to fulfil his dreams, good or bad. (Jagdish chander, 2001) described the period of youth as “characterized by the spirit of adventure and the shine of energy, tempered by a growing sense of responsibility and maturity. A man in the span of his youth can thus make a lasting contribution to the cause of understanding the inner and outer nature, invention, courage, creative art and architecture and bring to bear his energy on the toughest issues of life, and find keys to their solution. This period on man’s life is, therefore, of unspeakable significance”.
    Therefore Youth is a force and a valuable human resource in every country. They carry the aspirations and bear responsibility for change, progress and innovation. Youth can make or mar society. There is always a tussle between tradition and modernity because of which youth are often misunderstood by the older generation. Immaturity, inexperience and thoughtless actions are some of the characteristics attributed to them by their elders. This always creates gap between the two generations and denies the youth the chance to fully participate in decision making of their country.
    Despite that misconception, Youth have the zeal to initiate revolution. A reading of Ugandan history shows that youth played a significant role in the freedom struggle. Post-independence, youth power changed the fate of several state governments Uganda inclusive. For example it’s said that When Uganda became Independent in 1962, the first Prime Minister Milton Obote was about 35 years, Grace Ibingira was about 28 years, and Adoko Nekyon was about 25 years and many others, who formed the first parliament of Ugand and took leadership of this country. All these were youth, not forgetting that almost 80% of NRA combatants who liberated this country in 1986 were youth. Youth in other countries have succeeded in changing their politics. Indonesian youth brought down the government of President Soekarno. Young Czechs stood up to the military assault of their country. More recently, youth in Cambodia, Cuba, France and Pakistan proved their potential to change.
    Today, Ugandan youth make up about a third of our Population and constitute a vital and vibrant human resource. They have the right and an obligation to participate actively in national development and in shaping the destiny of the nation which is, in point of fact, their own destiny.
    Youth represent the most vibrant, vocal and voluble section of society. They play a pivotal role in socioeconomic changes and development of society and country. A country can only progress when the energy of youth is constructively and productively channelized. Nearly 70% of Uganda population is less than 35 years of age. Therefore, there is the need to create increasing opportunities for them to develop their capacities and capabilities, thus making them economically productive and socially useful. If Government doesn’t create opportunities for the youth, I see an increasing number of youth opposing the government, and this will create constant battles on the streets between the Police and the youth. This is because Unemployment creates a sense of vulnerability, a feeling of uselessness and idleness among young people; and consequently heightens the attraction of engaging in illegal activities. Youth unemployment is an obstacle to economic well-being and poverty reduction. Unemployment among youth creates a number of socio-economic issues. A large unemployed youth population not only puts the nation at risk of instability, but also costs the country in terms of productivity and health expenses. Some research suggests that one year of unemployment among youth reduces life expectancy by about five years (Sahni, 2005).
    Therefore NRM Government of Uganda should be conscious of the need to tap youth power. With the way the number of the youth that voted in last general elections, Uganda’s youth have become politically important because they can determinedly slope the political scales in an election. This realization should encourage NRM to attract the youth by including related issues in their political agenda. For Example how can a ministry that handles Youth issues be given 1% of national budget?

    Youth are a nation’s strength. Their characteristic energy and capabilities support the body politic. They are the backbone of an institution (Jagdish chander, 2001, But they also form a sensitive age group that harbour dreams for important social changes. The development of nations is fully dependent on the abilities of youth. The power of youth must be positively utilized in all areas like education, trade, business, etc. and integrated with moral value education to spread peace and welfare throughout the world.
    Youth in Uganda constitute a sizable, vibrant and resourceful segment of our society who is fired with the desire to scale greater heights. Children and youth are our hope for tomorrow. There can be no greater cause, no better investment, and no greater priority for development consensus than bringing the needs, rights and expectations of the youth to the centre-stage of development concern. It is our duty to rekindle the imagination of our youth so that the nation surges ahead with added strength and vigour. It also is essential that our youth be energised to participate in the task of national reconstruction. Failure to do so would mean a waste of national resources. They should be made to understand the given project and its importance to society; and the part they are expected to play. With enthusiasm and commitment, they are sure to work hard for its fulfilment. Success results in a sense of fulfilment with the realisation that they have played an important role. This will motivate them further. This is not a difficult task.
    A number of schemes, projects and programmes are possible wherein their total involvement will bring quicker and better results. Youth can play a pivotal role to bring about the socio-economic regeneration of the society. For example, youth power can be mobilized to work towards ending several evil practices that still persist in Uganda.
    They can participate in projects aimed at raising agricultural output. The youth may be assigned the job of dissemination of knowledge for better farming, new techniques and proper use of fertilizers and pesticides. What is required is that they should be given adequate training in these tasks. In a drive against economic offences, their energy may be used in moulding public opinion in favour of eradication of such offences. Another potential area of youth involvement is adult education and universalization of education. Youth can take on the responsibility of meeting performance targets set by the government.
    By enlisting the massive youth army, an otherwise idling man-power will be mobilized for productive purposes. Doing so would prevent youth from being influenced by negative forces, which result in unrest and violence. It is, therefore, in the national interest that these young people are attracted to work for development.
    Such involvement of the young people would generate a sense of pride and self-confidence in them. A sense of achievement of being appreciated as being useful to society is the most powerful deterrent to going astray. This will also help them to develop a nationalist outlook. The result will be an accelerated process of socioeconomic regeneration and democratic decentralization.
    The government spends large amounts of money directly or through various organizations on schemes and programmes for national development. Involving youth in these activities would cost less and also accelerate the meeting of development objectives.
    The young people should be inspired and encouraged to adopt villages or other suitable units of operation, where they can concentrate on improving the physical and social environment. This will help to channelize their energies and enthusiasm and result in socio-economic progress. There should be no doubt that Uganda’s youth will make full use of the opportunities offered to them
    Youth are critical for the continued economic development and demographic evolution of a nation. Typically, the youth population constitutes the cohort entering the country’s workforce and is expected to bring new learning and updated skills that will help renew and improve the country‘s stock of human capital. Youth also represent the age group that forms the basis of demographic renewal, as these young people form unions and begin child bearing.
    The NRM Government should therefore formulate a policy with objectives to:
    To instil in youth awareness of and respect for the principles and values enshrined in the Ugandan constitution.
    To promote among youth awareness of Uganda’s historical and cultural heritage and fill a sense of pride and national identity.
    To help youth to develop the qualities of discipline, self-reliance, justice and fair play.
    To provide youth with maximum access to education; this, apart from developing their all-round personality, would equip them with suitable professional and vocational training to enhance employment and self-employment opportunities.
    To make youth aware of international issues and involve them in promoting world peace.
    Fulfilment of these objectives would result in transforming Uganda’s youth into a force that would drive the country’s progress and development


    A former politcian who described Tutsis as Cockroaches and called for their extermination was Jailed for life in Rwanda over the 1994 genocide, by Names Mr Mugesera,an academic was extradited back to his home country from Canada four years ago. He made his Incendiary speech against the minority in 1992 some 800,000 people died in the genocide in 1994.


    But this is my Overview in regard to Rwanda Genocide:

    It would be good if the Rwandan current regime didn’t kill during genocide, because it was the current ruling regime which went to attack the then ruling regime , and indeed they overtook the power , but the question is, who can stand and say that Mr Kagame’s Side didn’t kill any one during the genocide ? In my view it would be good to first dig deeper and pull out the genesis of the problem, and I believe Mr Kagame and his side was the Virus and the then ruling regime was just a symptom now there is no how you can treat a symptom without first tackling the Virus, so in this case if am the Judge of this matter I would deliver my Verdict in favour of the then ruling regime.

    Because both sides killed a lot of people now this play / sayings , that it was only the Bahutu regime killed or responsible for Rwandan genocide is totally misconceived, fetal and unfounded information and I believe this is an evidence which is beyond reasonable doubt that Each side is responsible but the current regime more responsible for the genocide .

    so in balancing of the matter would be , to forgive each other , and pave away to rejoin the people of Rwanda in making this , could and would be that , if for-instance as of now it is the Tutsis in power , then the Vice president would be from the side of the Hutu people and after 8 0r 10 years the next president would be from the side of Hutu and the Vice president be from the then ruling Tutsis , because this is a country which has got only one tribe language, in this case these are two in one people , so it is easy to share power like that away and avoid continuing conflicts in the country yet you can resolve it once for all.

    But these kind of arrests each and every year against people who were in the then ruling regime will not solve the problems of Rwanda, but instead it will always resume / revamp the internal conflicts of Rwandans and at a certain point the Hutu will still have to see that they regain the possession of their Country because they call themselves to be the real owners of that Country , therefore they will have to deliver / rescue their colleagues those who are imprisoned and detained may be in illegal place just because they were part and use to work in the, the then ruling Hutu Regime .

    So my appeal to all brother and sisters of Rwanda is to pave away sharing the sit of presidency and at least every after 8 to 10 years would be from another side. This would be the solution of Rwanda once for all. But if it is not done like that , in my view it is a matter of time we shall have to see our brothers and sisters in the next more terrible genocide this time round will be those in current regime to be charged as Killers as it is on those of the then ruling Hutu Regime now.

    I love you all dear Ugandans, as command from my God to love your Neighbour as you love yourself , I had to air out some of my assumptions / views may be a wise person can take some thing important from it.

    For God and my Country the United States of Uganda Amen!


    My heroine of the day is Hon Betty Olive Kamya. Her character is of one who threw caution to the wind a long time ago! (Ensonyi yazisiba kumpagi).
    This woman was first in the disgraced NRM, when Besigye challenged Museveni in 2001, Betty jumped on the wagon. She tried to be secretary general of FDC and when people didn’t vote her, she was disappointed, only to be appointed by the then president of FDC Kizza Besigye as Presidential envoy later on. Due to her massive appetite for power, she formed her own political party/organisation – Uganda Federal Alliance (UFA) and ran for President in 2011, of course she failed. She then made it her project to attack Kizza Besigye on every chance she got. Then, it seems, Museveni discovered her weaknesses and exploited them to his advantage; behold, she is now a cabinet minister!
    Some people don’t really care how many of their words they have to recycle, as long as the end result is a plate of food on their table and a government job!



    Evils of Dictators in Africa brings you flashback, forgotten things that have happened in Africa, done by african despots agaisnt citizen in order to keep in power

    1) The 1988 Uganda Airlines crash in Rome. What is the truth behind it? Was it really an accident or was the Museveni government involved? Did Flight Captain Stephen Walusimbi lose control of the plane or was it sabotaged? What is the background of a man called Juma Ssali who died on board? Is it true he is the man who used to wok with Museveni and Salim Saleh to forge Museveni’s signature and steal money from the Ugandan treasury?

    2) The Uganda Airlines Boeing 707 plane seized in Yugoslavia in 1991. Do we know anything about this incident? Where were the arms on the plan going and where were they coming from? Did Amama Mbabazi play any role in it as ESO director? What was Museveni’s interest in those arms?

    3) What happened to the four Airbus planes that Uganda was supposed to have bought in 1990 or 1991? Where did Museveni put the money? Who ordered the murder of Uganda Airlines General Manager Chris Mboijana in London in 1990? How exactly did he die? Who carried out the murder?

    4) What happened to the four Airbus planes that Uganda was supposed to have bought in 1990 or 1991? Where did Museveni put the money? Who ordered the murder of Uganda Airlines General Manager Chris Mboijana in London in 1990? How exactly did he die? Who carried out the murder?

    5) The John Garang mystery. What really happened to that helicopter? Who tampered with the altimeter of the helicopter at Entebbe airforce base? Why did the NRM government put a ban on publication of the photographs of the wreckage? What brought Garang to Uganda to meet Museveni? What did they discuss? Why did Defence Minister Amama Mbabazi refuse to escort Garang back to Juba? Why did Vice President Gilbert Bukenya receive Garang at Entebbe Airport but not see him off again when he was going back to Sudan?


    A number of Bills to scrap the age limit of various government officials are set to be tabled on the floor of Parliament on Thursday afternoon.

    details of the amendment bills that are being kept secret perhaps for the country to only hear about when the mover (still unknown) presents them to the national assembly today.

    Among the proposed changes in the Constitution are pushing the age limit of Supreme Judges from 70 to 75 years, altering the appointment of Attorney General and to also serve for 7 years but not the current 5 years.

    The appointment of Attorney General is going to be different from that of other cabinet ministers that their term last for 5 years.

    Meanwhile the current two terms restriction the Electoral Commission Chairperson is also going to be removed and left open so long as the holder is still capable.

    We’ll soon public the full document to be given to Members of Parliament this afternoon.




    Kampala central MP Mohammed Nsereko is angry with Facebook sensation Tom Voltaire Okwalinga alias TVO.
    The MP reacting to a point from TVO that he is bribing Kampala politicians on behalf of the establishment, said the social media publisher using fake names is a liar and a coward.
    Below is Nsereko’s below the belt attack on TVO.

    Mr or mrs Tom Voltaire Okwalinga,

    Since your such a coward to hide behind the veil of fake names, I will address you as such.

    You posted that you are investigating under what circumstances I have failed the defiance campaign.

    Let me put your rusty mind straight.

    1. That like you said, I don’t belong to either NRM or opposition
    2. That never the opposition you talk about never at any single time backed my candidature, FDC fielded mr Kaijja the deputy secretary General, DP backed mr. Hamdan semugoma and Nrm backed Hajjati Minsa Kabanda.
    All the flag bearers at presidential level campaigned for their candidates.
    3. That have never been in support of any Defiance campaign both publically and Privately.
    4. That I stood for deputy speaker as an independent even when the opposition couldnot come up with a candidate.
    5. That am confident that neither did you support me nor did you vote for me.

    Therefore these are my questions.

    1. What’s defiance in your opinion ?

    2. If the opposition defied as you ignorantly say, how come they accepted to be sworn in to work? If it means boycott as you make the common people think, why don’t you completely stay out of government forexample swearing in as Members of parliament or mayors etc

    3. Who did I stop from protesting when Colnel Besigye was arrested all that long, at least Okwalinga you should have come out and protested alone, Do you want to say that I also took you to meet the President?

    4. Does the defiance campaign need to start with politicians? If I heard Dr Besigye well, he said it all starts with You. Why haven’t you told people to defy paying taxes since they go to government and it wrongly uses your tax?

    5. Since you are brilliant as you say and you know the impact of parliament and leaders in Kampala, why don’t you come and contest so that you take the lead in defiance. Atleast councillor Muhammad Segirinya of Kawempe is a pure product of this.

    6. Why should Museveni need the 7 MPs , mayors and councillors in Kampala to stop defiance, can you name any one of those leaders who was a front line activist and has changed?

    7. If you care, how come hon Kabaziguruka is in jail, have not had you mobilise any one to help get him out of jail nor have I heard that all members of the defiance campaign shall not work until he is released?

    8. When the one you like most was in prison , that’s Dr Besigye, how come you Didnot mobilise the people not to go to work too as a mode of defiance or take their children to school and may be that would bring government to a stand still?

    Now therefore let me put this straight you and people who think line you do ,

    1. NRM whether I want or not acquired two thirds majority of parliament that’s over 66.5 percent of parliament.

    2. It acquired 98 percent of local councils

    3. It acquired 98 percent of all elected councillors in the country.

    What does my contribution like you wrote have to do with your ability to perform at such levels.
    Are you trying to say that I am stronger than your entire establishment.

    The message you posted has attracted a lot of attention and tribal hate speech, who do you work for?

    When I stood for deputy speaker, where were you, I think if defiance has a meaning then my action to stand should tell you a lot .

    Finally, Mr or Mrs Okwalinga you told this nation that you had proof that AINE was dead, we still need the answer.
    Is the AINE who came a ghost or you had another AINE?

    In Islam , no Hadith can be gotten from you the moment you went publically to lie, literally you are a perennial liar who wants to seek people’s attention and destroy others.

    My best advise is, come out of your skin and fight like a braveman or woman.

    Unfortunately next I will be out of the country going to fight for our people being mistreated at work in the Middle East and try to save a few lives that have fled this country for greener pastures other than Okwalinga who is the I know every thing.



    He will always be remembered. .He was here for 8 years but despite his little education he did more than what M7 has done in 30years. He had a reasonable cabinet. .a good parliament not one of thieves like today. .Where are the opposition mps while billions are given out to buy cars.. ?TULABYE BANANGE NAKASI KANO..


    Bettinah Tianah’s Nude Pictures

    Bettinah Tianah’s Nud3 Pictures Leak; She was Paid Only $500 dollars

    A one Kabugo has leaked exchanges in which he paid Bettinah Tianah 500 dollars in exchange for her nud3s. Thereafter, the two engaged in Skype s3x sealing their business. It seems after all, Bettinah’s true source of wealth has been revealed. She has one of those goats.



    The chines contractors of Kamwenge – fort portal road defiled dozens of girls in areas of Kahunge and Bigodi. World Bank the funder of road threatened to withdraw it’s funding if government does not act against the culprits.

    MUSEVENI WITH HIS BIG MOUTH told the world at a campaign rally in Kahunge that government of Uganda does not care about the world bank funding! He in fact condoned the immoral act of the chines contractor!
    Left with no option, world bank withdrew all its funding.
    Government of Uganda took over the road.
    The original plan and design of the road was changed.
    The wide road was narrowed!
    The narrowed road was duped!
    Museveni is busy walking on red carpets when he is delivering shoddy roads to the people of Uganda!


    Uganda horrible members of parliament

    Do we have mps or horrible members of parliament? In kenya Willy Mtunga offered to retire at 69, before the real retirement age of 70. In Uganda the likes sekitoleko think age limit is nothing. I have started to agree with my brothers who say we take pigs to parliament who only want to enrich themslves and doesnt care about ugandans. Some of them should be termed as Horrible Mpigs, because they are glutonious. Now some in Busoga have started supporting Mseveni for 2021, instead of building national cohension and passing viable and important bills in the house to develop uganda, some want bid age limit removal. While kenya a constitution for the people, uganda we are making the one for hyenas.
    For God and my country.


    This Is A Specialo Announcementi, It Goes To The Ugandan Parliament, Ugandans Are Complaing You’re So Silent, Especially On Youth Employment, Plus Teachers’ Salary Increament, Yet You’re Becoming So Extravagant, That’s Why Pigs Entered Parliament,

    Kenyans, Am So Proud Of Your President, Uhuru Was Very Brilliant, He Encouraged Development, That’s Why He Was Proved Innocent, As The ICC Judgement, ICC Is Like A Serpent, It Should Leave The African Continent, B’se It’s A Colonial Agent, As Said By The Ugandan President, Who Doesnt Want To Go Into Retirement!



    As an FDC member I became accustomed to waving two fingerers as a sign for FDC. Now as a Conservative I have learnt that the V sign is actually our official and registered symbol. The Conservative Party was set up in 1979 under the leadership of ‪Hon MayanjaNkangi‬. No doubt we are older than FDC though disintegrated at the moment. Question, will our FDC brothers and sisters get another sign and let us use our V sign again. Can they somehow use the KEY (KISUMULUZO) which is their official sign. How in heaven is ‪‎Kizza Besigye‬ going to get used to not using the two fingers? It seems a small but challenging issue because I am still addicted to the V sign after 4 years of leaving FDC. But do humbly appeal to the FDC to start finding another solution because we are definitely going to need back our V sign. Believe me or not, these are conservatives not FDC.


    great things that Idi Amin did

    25 great things that Idi Amin did in 8 years which will make you wish he returns today
    His Excellency ,President for Life, Field Marshal, Alhaji, Doctor Idi Amin Dada,VC, DSO, Lord of all Beasts of the Earth, and Fishes of the Seas, Conqueror of the British Empire in Africa in general and Uganda in Particular.

    His rule lasted for 8 years but under his government he did a lot of things that the latter governments failed to achieve in that short time possible. Much as he was a dictator and partly a serial killer who failed to control his army and the army made massacres in his or out of his knowledge, he did a lot of things that we will always remember him for. Here they are.
    1. Amin released all political detainees that were languishing in Luzira by the government of Dr. Apollo Milton Obote: For example several Baganda notables including one of Sekabaka Muteesa’s sisters who were imprisoned shortly after the Kabaka Crisis of 1966.
    2. Amin promoted and lifted the sports image in Uganda: He thrilled Ugandans and the entire world when he led his cabinet and leading personalities, including religious leaders in a friendly soccer match shortly after taking power.
    3. Amin also went ahead to provide moral and financial support to sports: In 1972, John Akii Bua won a 400m hurdles gold medal in the Munich Olympics held in Germany the only Gold Uganda has won at the games history. Uganda reached the Africa cup of Nations 1978 and reached on the finals and ever since then, it has never qualified for the tournament.
    4. Amin hosted the Organization of African Union (OAU): No one seriously believed the Organization of African Union (OAU) heads of state would come to Uganda so soon if ever. But, surprisingly, in his characteristic way.
    5. Amin pushed ahead anyway with a shortage of hotels and conference facilities. It was suggested that new ones had to be put in place. He went to complete the construction of the OAU conference Centre and Nile Hotel. A Yugoslav company Energy-Project was contracted and worked twenty four hours a day in three shifts and the project was completed in June just ready for the meeting.
    6. The exchange rate of the shilling to the dollar remained steady between 7shs and 7.50shs between 1971 and 1979 and on the black market it was 16shs.
    7. Amin is remembered for the constructing, purchasing and maintaining national assets in foreign lands: Prominent among these was Uganda House in New York, Uganda House in United Kingdom on Trafalgar square and Diplomatic properties in Geneva, Brussels, Nairobi, and Mogadishu. All these properties are in Prime location. Also coffee marketing board property and storage facilities in Mombasa.
    8 .Amin as a deeply Religious man: It is reported that Amin donated significantly to the construction of Church House, a Church of Uganda project. The donation was part of the Church’s centenary celebrations in 1977.
    9. Amin also takes credit for uniting once fractious Muslims under the banner of the Uganda Muslim Supreme Council: He allocated to the council the land at old Kampala on which the magnificent “Gadhafi Mosque” stands.
    10. Credit goes to President Idi Amin Dada for the Creation of Uganda’s first and only national flag carrier, the Uganda Airlines Corporation. He rescued ‘The Flying Crane’ out of the wreckage of the East African Airways, and the Crane proudly traversed the international skies and landed at the world’s airports to the admiration and envy of many.
    11. Under Iddi Amin, Uganda had 65 air force planes. These included L-29 trainers, Twin Otters, MIG-17 and MiG-21( My Late Brother In Law was one of the pilots, a brilliant Guy.
    12. Early 1970, according to National Housing Statistics, NHCC built flats, marionettes and bungalows in top class residential areas of Bugolobi (872). Bukoto White (130), Bukoto Brown (180), Kololo (80), Nakasero (44), Wandegeya inter alia (136). Middle to low housing estates were built in Luwafu (51) and Mulago. Idi Amin had plans of having apartment blocks like those in Bugolobi in places like; Kawempe, Mutundwe & Kansanga.
    13. Amin expanded the Uganda Railways Corporation: The railway transported heavy equipment for inland with relative ease, for until that time the main form of transport into the interior was ox-drawn wagons. It also expedited the export of coffee and tea and encouraged other types of commerce.
    14. Satellite links: Amin is also remembered for linking Uganda to the rest of the world by putting up earth satellite at Mpoma in Mukono and at Ombaci in his home region of West Nile. By the time it was set up in the 70s, the satellite station was one of the very few of its kind on the African continent, another being in Nigeria. According to one of his widow, Mama Madina Amin, the Mpoma Earth Satellite Station was Amin’s gift to the Baganda.
    15. Amin returned the body of Sir Edward Muteesa II for a state funeral with full honors: Muteesa who was Uganda’s first President had died in London on 19th November 1969.
    16. Amin appointed Elizabeth Bagaya as Africa’s first female Foreign Minister in 1972, before Britain and most of Europe had female Foreign Ministers or woman Prime Ministers like Margaret Thatcher.
    17. On 4th August 1972, Amin was touring Tororo in eastern Uganda when he announced a dream he had had and whose implementation would have far reaching effects on the lives of all Ugandans, altering their attitudes forever. In the dream, a higher power had directed him to rid Ugandans of foreigners who were “milking” the economy at the expense of native Ugandans.
    18. In 1974, he made Uganda a member of the Organization of Islamic Conference (OIC) without first converting every Ugandan into a Muslim by force. Uganda is the only IOC member that is not an Islamic state.
    19. Genesis of URC: President Idi Amin created the Uganda Railways Corporation (URC) after the 1977 dissolution of East African Railways & harbors Corporation, which had begun after world war.
    20. President Amin provided Uganda manufactures with additional support through the Uganda Development Bank, which supplemented UCB. The Uganda Development Bank and the Credit Guarantee Fund were established under the Uganda Development Bank Act, 1972, during Amin Dada’s regime and commenced business on 10th November 1972.
    21. He dug and built in Jinja the biggest fuel reserve in Africa by then in one month-works were done in the night.
    22. He was a pan Africanist, he was a patriot who loved his country, his race and his religion. He is referred to many as the father of patriotism in Uganda.
    23. He constructed many government schools, education colleges of which upto now are working in the premises established by him.
    24. Iddi Amin worked with Israelites who constructed many long lasting roads in Uganda including a bigger part of the Mbarara-Kabale road. This was before his relationship with Israel turned sour after learning their inhuman activities in the Middle East against Muslims.
    25. Add any great achievement u remember about Amin,

    May he Rest in Eternal Peace!!



    I cherish democracy, unfortunately, given that many of our people are either illiterate or semi – literate, more often than not, they are bound to make a choice of their preference, yet if well advised and can listen to advice, a country like Uganda would benefit most from a candidate proposed to the electorate after good scrutiny of his potential to manage the situation prevailing.

    To many people, if you were to sample who a candidate of their choice would be for whom President Museveni would handle over to, they would tell you that it is Dr. Kizza Besigye. That is their choice when no professional guidance is given. It is true, Dr. Besigye has been involved in so much which developments have made the public have him as their darling. The people are free to make that decision. However, the challenge is when you give Besigye the big chair is service delivery. In this aspect, I have 3 people I would focus on as they have what it takes to steer Uganda out of the economic chaos it is in.

    Prof. Vanatius Baryamureeba is really smart and can make miracles happen for Uganda given opportunity, it is only that many do not know yet they think they know.

    Dr. A bed Bwanika is so sharp and a real consultant on diagnosis of Uganda’s economy. Given chance he can surely get Uganda to the middle income status because he knows his stuff and is practical.

    Major General Benon Biraaro has the determination to see the Uganda ship take the right course and given opportunity, he surely can get the country started on a genuine journey to the Promised Land.

    Some people may be very fast in reacting. You just excuse them.Those are the type who believe that whatever has gone wrong during President Museveni’s time would get corrected the following day if Besigye got into State House. That is better termed day dreaming. Besigye has the challenge given the opportunity to prove that he can be in control as chances are that some of those surrounding him just want to substitute Museveni’s people and also eat. He has to prove that he can be in control and that he can independently make the right decisions not those dictated to him behind the curtains.

    The three I have listed up I am sure can be in control of the situation and they can surely take Uganda to greater heights.

    This is my personal opinion. You are free to have your own ideas as long as they are based on reason as well as understanding of how a Government works. Thank you.

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